Helping people achieve their dreams

I have been involved in helping the PGMA administration spur entrepreneurial development for the last four years. I do not sit as a cabinet secretary nor hold any formal government position. I was simply appointed Presidential Consultant on Entrepreneurship, pro bono. When PGMA steps down, the appointed title will also be gone, unless the next president sees our efforts in our advocacy.

Go Negosyo advocacy remains a private endeavor under the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE). We shall continue to help build an enterprising culture in the years to come. I started PCE together with 12 entrepreneurs who believe in my vision that the only road to the elimination of poverty is through Negosyo, or having a Go Negosyo winning attitude. Thus, our slogan, Go Negosyo, Sagot sa Kahirapan. Shortly after that, the government came out with the slogan “Labanan ang Kahirapan”. Even Manny Villar’s new line is “Tapusin ang Kahirapan”. It is good to see that almost all sectors are one in this mission.

We have conducted a lot of forums, caravans and seminars, produced weekly TV shows, and published books. As we continue, we are even deepening the efforts to inspire and teach “how-to’s” in entrepreneurship. We have taken the advocacy to the next level by providing a more comprehensive entrepreneurship education called Negosyo Seminar (Negosem) led by our Angelpreneurs. They are established entrepreneurs, experts and practitioners, who have the experience in running a business and the heart to teach our kababayans. We have partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry in bringing this program to all the regions. The National Livelihood Development Corporation, Landbank and the Office of the President have also joined the program to provide free entrepreneurship education to over 10,000 micro/small Filipino entrepreneurs all over the country through 20 Negosems. We now see strong cooperation between a private advocacy group like ours and government in pursuit of common objectives.

Since December last year, we started with the Tagumpay Mula sa Kahirapan campaign. This is our main thrust for this year, as our way to widen the reach of Go Negosyo and extend our programs to the grassroots.

So far, with the active involvement of DTI Regional and Provincial Director Usec. Merly Cruz, we have already conducted two Negosems in Davao City and in Cabanatuan City last Friday. Almost 100% of the feedback from attendees have been very encouraging. There will soon be 18 more Negosems that will be conducted in 18 regions. This is for free.

After our first two Negosems, no doubt, we will go beyond the 10,000 target. We had around 700 participants in Region 11 – Davao, and close to 800 in Region 3 – Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija. This shows that our local entrepreneurs are really serious about their negosyos and they are really eager to learn directly from the experts.

To all our Angelpreneurs, and partners in government, thank you for joining us in bringing entrepreneurship education to the different regions in the country.

Giving hope, inspiration and guidance to people who want to move up in life and fight poverty is like feeding our soul, as we see people encouraged to move forward with their dreams.

Let me share with you the other hopes and aspirations of Go Negosyo entrepreneurs and mentors:

“This year is a very important milestone in our country. Obviously, the presidential election is very critical because it will decide our future. I truly hope and pray we will elect a leader that will have the capacity to see the enormous problems we have, particularly our growing population and a leader that will have a clear vision on where we’re going.” –Babes Romualdez

“I hope that by election time, our citizenry, the Filipino people, would have opened their eyes and minds to the reality of voting wisely and choosing a leader who will finally be able to lift the nation. With an empowered electorate, I know we can all do our part in alleviating ourselves from the hardships and we can take-off towards progress. That is why I have involved myself in an advocacy for voter empowerment. A successful electoral process, with sound results, is what we all need and deserve.” –Mike Toledo

“We are looking forward to a better Philippines this 2010, where Filipinos whether young or old will rise up and do their part to bring about meaningful change. It is my hope that as we continue to build our business, we will be able to inspire more people to carry the torch for our nation – to stand proud as Filipinos. We look forward to seeing more Filipinos excel in their respective fields and bring honor and pride to our motherland. I believe that it is when we all do our share as a nation-loving citizen, no matter how small…. is when meaningful change can truly happen— when our collective efforts come as one towards a progressive and united Philippines.” –Joey Cua, Collezione C2

“A Tiger Philippines in the Year of the Tiger. One country. One people. Renewed nationalistic fervor starting with me.” – Hermie Esguerra, Herma Shipyard Inc.

“I would like to see our Agricultural Sector become more profitable and for its economic fruits to filter down to the farm workers.” –Joe Mari Chan

“I would like to see the economy, particularly the export sector, recover most of what was lost during the crisis. Improving industry performance provides a solid basis for this possibility. Because of this, I see the country coming out of this crisis better than usual and perhaps even ahead of others, unlike in many past crises. This spells tremendous opportunities that, with focused government support, can help propel the economy forward.” –Jun Luis Ortiz

“This year is the best time to start a business because the world economy is flat. It provides an equal chance to every aspiring entrepreneur to excel in the market. The focus should be on creating quality products and providing excellent service. An entrepreneur who aspires for excellence will succeed because he will have very few people to compete with. So for 2010, excellence spells the difference!” –Ray Gapuz, R.A. Gapuz Review Center

“To see Filipinos financially and debt free.” –Chinkee Tan