Dreams and aspirations of small and big negosyantes

This 2010 is the year of the Tiger, as per the Chinese calendar. It so happens that the Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day, so that may be a good omen.

2010 is a year of change. We have had PGMA for nine years, so many are anxious to see change. This ushers renewed confidence and hope for those who feel that the old leadership has not done enough. We would like to see more entrepreneurs succeed in 2010, both big and small. There are definitely a lot of things to hope for this year.

“I want to help the people in my community and those people who are interested to learn how to put up a business and earn.” This was the answer I got from Dulce Silvosa. She owns a small computer shop in Davao Oriental. We asked her about her aspirations and wishes for 2010 and this was her honest answer.

I guess for some entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter if they run a small or a big business. Part of their plans and dreams is about helping others through their negosyo. This is one of the admirable traits of an entrepreneur.

We asked more small entrepreneurs about their wishes and aspirations for this year. They had simple answers, mostly selfless and considerate of the people around them and their environment.

“Sana dumami pa ang kita at magkaroon ng magandang pangagatawan para hindi maabala sa gawain. Sana laging buo at ligtas sa kapahamakan and pamilya. Hangad ko rin ang kapayapaan para sa bansa, lalo na ngayong darating na halalan.” –Tita Burgos, Tita’s Delight Bibingka and Pastries

“Hangad kong maging successful ang negosyo ko. Sa mga gustong magbukas ng mga negosyo, sana magtagumpay. Hangad kong mas bigyan ng oras ang pamilya. Sana lahat ng Pilipino ay umunlad at wala na sanang pasakit sa bansa.” -Noel Ramirez, Noel’s Aquafarm

“Dapat magtipid at mahirap ang panahon ngayon. Sana ay maging mapang-unawa sa kapwa ang mga Pilipino. I hope to be more focused, to explore and maximize our resources, and to be sensitive to the environment.” -Loreta Baroro, Philippine Diesel Calibration Cooperative

“Lalong magsipag at magtiyaga para mas umunlad pa ang aming negosyo at para malabanan ang krisis sa ating bayan.” -Cherry Yack, Cherry’s Cassava and Banana Cake

“Hangad kong mapalaki ko at mapaganda ang mga produkto ko, lalo pang makatulong sa pamilya at sa mga taong umaasa sa aming tahian, at mapagtapos sa pag-aaral ang aking mga anak.” Annabel Bonsol, rag-making business

“Sana lumago pa ang aming negosyo at madagdagan ang aming mga buyers para matustusan namin ang edukasyon ng aming mga anak.” -Lolita Cabbigat, Four H Handicrafts

“To break away from my comfort zone .To take more risk and challenges.” Pamela Santos, Beakris House of Goodies

“Hangad na mapalago pa ang aming negosyo at magptuloy pang mkatulong sa iba.” Zenaida Guray, hog-raising business

“Hangad kong madagdagan pa ang tumangkilik ng aming produkto para mas marami akong matulungan.” – Alexander Ilagan, Xandro’s Food Processing

These are the small entrepreneurs who have weathered storms in life. They have struggled through the death of a loved one, bankruptcy, abandonment, life-threatening illnesses, discrimination, poverty, among many other challenges. These are the people who experienced to have nothing in life, to sweat and bleed just to feed their families three times a day, and to swallow degrading insults.

When asked about aspirations and dreams, it would be easy to wish for their benefit – to wish for success and to be rich above everything else. But, these are the also the small entrepreneurs who remain to be kind to others, thinking how much help they can extend to their neighbors and how many lives they can change through their businesses. They have dreams for the country and wishes for the Filipino people.

I have also asked some of this country’s big entrepreneurs. With the level of success that they have reached, what are their aspirations and wishes for this year?

“My wish is for an orderly election that will produce a president and an executive team that will have the courage, wherewithal, and competence to help build an environment where in small to medium sized business and the working Filipinos can make an honest living, flourish and grow.” –Donnie Tantoco, Rustan’s

“I’m looking forward to a better Philippines and Splash. I will continue to help the team Splash create, develop and sell a truly Filipino brand to be patronized not only by Filipino consumers but consumers as well from other countries. Truly, it is with great pride to see Filipino brands side by side with world class brands, a manifestation that we can compete in the global arena and most of all, we feel that our brands carry the Philippine flag.” –Dr. Rolando Hortaleza, Splash

“I will aspire to contribute to the positive changes that the 2010 will bring through continuous employment of local talents and manpower. I will aspire to push the concept of sense of nationalism in the design of clothes. I want to see retail consumers take pride in being a Filipino.” –Ronald Pineda, Folded&Hung

“My hopes and prayers for the year is political stability resulting from an enlightened electorate, honest and peaceful elections. This will provide the environment favorable to increased trade, foreign and domestic investment, improve confidence and willingness by MNC’s to transfer BPO business to the country. The private sector, however, will have to live in an imperfect world. My company will plan optimistically but will be ready for the worst. Our 2009 results were surprisingly our best year ever by a modest margin. We’re expecting a flat year for 2010.” –Robbie Delgado, Transnational Diversified Group

“A clean elections. An enlightened Filipino who will vote for the right leader. An economy that will not only SURVIVE but instead, PROSPER. For the culture of Entrepreneurship to grow more, which means more jobs for people. More entrepreneurs means more jobs.” –Tintin Bersola-Babao, Precious Memories

“I would like to see peaceful and credible elections that will usher in a new morality and way of life for our country where justice and human life are promoted and respected. I would like to see more priority given to the education of our youth because they are our future. I would like to see more jobs created so that our countrymen do not have to leave the Philippines in order to find decent employment so that they can remain with their families. I would like to see a rebirth in our morality as a nation where our Christian values can be truly lived out by each Filipino and where we can co-exist with our countrymen of other faiths in peace and harmony.” –Carla Limcaoco, Philippine Transmarine Carriers

“The Tiger Year is shaping up to be one of many challenges, but also interesting opportunities. Let’s focus on the right entrepreneurial attitude that will help us turn problems into success.” –Nonoy Colayco, Level Up Inc.

No matter how big or small is the business; entrepreneurs all aspire and wish for the same things. We wish for success in our negosyos, happiness and unity in our family, and peace and prosperity in for our country.

Definitely, 2010 will be a year of change, renewed confidence and greater prosperity for those who work hard for success.