Our New Year’s Resolution

When we were kids, my father would insist that we prepare our New Year’s Resolution not later than a week after January 1. He would also write down his own.

It is very easy for us to write a resolution, especially if it’s about trying to lose weight, trying to be more patient with subordinates, or trying to devote more time for family and health. But, how much willpower do we have to ensure that our New Year’s Resolution will be achieved.

I asked my father what his New Year’s Resolution is for this year. He said, “I commit to the Concepcion Family and the Filipino people that: God will remain at the center of our lives; I will always be proud of our country and of the Filipino; I will serve as an example of commitment and fidelity to one’s spouse and family; and I will be generous with my time, talent and treasure, especially in activities where there is an opportunity to enable the participation of the poor and to inspire our people and communities. I make these commitments with faith in God, knowing that with God nothing is impossible.”

My New Year’s Resolution is to continue the passion of bringing an entrepreneurial environment to our country through Go Negosyo. It is the only solution to poverty in our country. We will be training 20 thousand would-be and existing micro entreps.

I also asked our leaders and entrepreneurs about their resolution and wishes this New Year. These are their answers:

Senator MANNY VILLAR: This year, like every year, my resolution is to continue helping more of the disadvantaged: the poor, OFWs, women, and the youth. For 2010 in particular, I vow to help Filipinos win the fight against poverty up to the limits of my abilities.

Secretary GIBO TEODORO: Perhaps the most important would be to continue steadfastly in working for hope, positive attitudes, national unity, peace, and competence, which I believe the country needs.

Senator MAR ROXAS: To make the chance of putting our country back on its feet, be real and come through by  doing all in my power to electing Noynoy as president. This is our generation’s time to give back to our country. This is it; this is our turn to make a positive difference, to make things happen so we leave this place better off than when we first came into the scene. History is watching us and we will not let our people and our country down.

Senator LOREN LEGARDA: I also want to see my laws implemented, especially the MSME so we develop more rural livelihoods, which are environmentally sustainable.

WILLIE REVILLAME: Sana wala ng nagagalit at nag iisip ng masama sa kapwa para wala ng gulo sa mundo.

Belo Medical Group Medical Director VICKY BELO: For 2010, each member of the Belo family has renewed our commitment to unparalleled patient care and customer service. It’s not enough for us to understand every aspect of our business. We always need to see it from the eyes of our patients. 2010 will see the Belo Medical Group breaking new ground in total customer satisfaction.

Isabela Governor GRACE PADACA: My most important New Year’s Resolution is to remain steadfast and effective in parrying all the lies and accusations that will certainly be said about me again, as I am the person to beat in Isabela in the 2010 elections. I did not have to suffer these when I was still regarded as ‘kuto’ by my opponents.

Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary MERLY CRUZ: To spread out my wings and cover more aground in training more micro and small Filipino entrepreneurs and in assisting them all the way to becoming leaders of medium and large business enterprises.

PLDT Senior Vice President ERIC ALBERTO: My sincere wish for the country and our children’s future is for us to be able to transition to a new regime of sustainable economic prosperity and true national dignity. This can only be possible starting with clean and honest elections, our electing to office truly capable leaders, and a collective transformation of our cultural mindsets, disciplines, and behaviors, which is necessary to ensure that indeed, the Philippines and the Filipino can! This, I believe, is the overriding aspiration of many quarters, including Go Negosyo.

Gawad Kalinga Champion TONY MELOTO: My birthday wish is for all of us to bridge gaps and celebrate friendships that nurture people, build a nation and honor God.

Small Business Corporation Chairman VIR ANGELO: For 2010,  Small Business Corp commits to “Start with the  SME customer in mind and to work forward,  to learn whatever skills we need to service the customer,  to build whatever technology we need to service the customer,  and  to be long-term-oriented, aiming for strategic gains for the  SME sector.”

Lucerne General Manager EMERSON YAO: Risk Preparedness is on top of my list! 2009 has been a roller coaster ride, and no matter how stable a business may be, being able to anticipate threats should be a main concern. With changing global trends, risks to businesses should be re-evaluated.

My Shelter Foundation Executive Director ILLAC DIAZ: To a life with more pacing than mad rushing from project to project. And this is by scheduling better and sharing goals more.

DZMM Radyo Negosyo Host CARL BALITA: To assist more entrepinoys thru my entrefinance-training company and inspire more through “Radyo Negosyo,” as I walk the talk of entrepreneurship through the businesses I grow and glow.

Colayco Foundation for Education Executive Director ARMAND BENGCO: New Year Rallying Cry: STRIVE TO BE BETTER both in personal and professional life. Better than before. Better than others. Better than expected.

Chocolate Clothing Company Founder and Managing Director ANA AMIGO-ANTONIO: My top resolution is that in my endeavors, I will keep in mind to do it for LOVE, PEACE, and PHILIPPINES and I will campaign in my own way for everyone to also do.