Be an angel this Christmas

Time seems to be moving so fast. Christmas is here again, with the usual traffic. This is a good sign for us in the food and beverage business as people are going out to shop. The increased consumer spending benefits many entrepreneurs. Profit is really made towards the last quarter of the year.

Last Tuesday, I received recognition from the Bulong-Pulungan. This media forum has been in existence since 1986. I was cited together with other Exemplar Awardees, such as Sec. Jesli Lapus, Sec. Arthur Yap, Sec. Cerge Remonde, Sec. Ace Durano, Efren Peñaflorida, Rep. Cynthia Villar, Ricky Reyes, NAIA General Manager Al Cusi, Immigration Commissioner Nonoy Libanan, Edu Manzano, Lilia de Lima, Mayor Fred Lim, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, Metrobank Foundation, and PGMA. I was cited for our “entrepreneurship advocacy for everyone”. Yes, this is the objective of our advocacy. But, Go Negosyo would not be where we are today if not for the more than 500 entrepreneurs who have joined this cause to become ‘angels’ to others.

Once upon a time, when we were just starting entreps, we were nobody. We all experienced this struggle to reach a certain level of success. I still remember my early years. I love going to the beach, but at that time, I could not afford to own a house. So, we would either stay in a cheap hotel or camp out in the beach. I also started with a small rubber boat. Today, with God’s blessing, we now have a home in the beach and I am set to finish our luxury dive boat, which we will charter out. Through those times, many people helped me – friends and family.

When someone reaches a certain level of success, it’s time to serve and be angels to others and help them fly. I am just one of the angels who founded Go Negosyo. But, we owe our success to the growing Go Negosyo community of entrepreneurs, who have realized that they also want to be angels to others.

Let me introduce some of the angels who have joined the advocacy. They are entrepreneur-educators who are out there teaching and inspiring MSMEs and young entreps.

Francis Kong is a bestselling author and a top motivational speaker. He became an Angelpreneur because he honestly feels “that now is the time for people who are blessed to bless others and people who have received much to give much.” When asked why he joined the Go Negosyo advocacy, he replied “I see the great opportunity to mold the values and shape the character of the young people in this country. I have had young people come to me and tell me that the talks they heard have changed their lives – for the better!” He was also blessed with mentors who taught him the ropes. Now, he feels that his gift from God is something to share to others.

Another Angelpreneur is none other than Johnlu Koa, the President and CEO of French Baker. With his level of success, he shares his time and genuine concern to the many Filipino entrepreneurs out there. “I feel privileged to be an Angelpreneur because it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help fellow entreps solve their business-related problems. This is also an opportune way to gain vicarious experiences and draw personal insights from the businesses of those that I have helped.” Johnlu is also a well-regarded speaker and educator in the topics of mindset and marketing.

Francisco “Pax” Lapid, the Dean of the Entrepreneurs School of Asia and an entrepreneur with a lot of business ventures, has his signature acronyms to express his thoughts and teachings:

Advocacy to prosper the enterprising spirit amongst the marginalized;

Negosyo as a form of pandagdag or pang-ipon for many Filipinos, especially for the youth

God’s blessing – my time and talent that I can share freely

Encouragement to all; that the Philippines is still a land of opportunity

Legacy; that I can leave to my family; that I have been a part of a change for a better and prosperous Philippines

Dean Pax’s partner, Ping Sotto, is a self-help guru who believes in the objectives of Go Negosyo. When we asked him about his passion to teach and mentor others: “I guess this is one of the ways I can ‘pay it forward’… I believe that service is the “rent” I pay for living in this planet. The road to success is not an easy path. But, there are tried and tested ways to get there. What we need is a change in mindset… first to focus on what we want to achieve, then believe that it can be done and continue to push.”

“I see and believe in the vision and mission of GO NEGOSYO. The advocacy creates a social consciousness in creating and inspiring people to think of realizing the dream of having a business,” says Butz Bartolome – a Franchise Guru and an AFFI Director. “Seeing people hungry to learn the ropes in getting into business and the ability to share without thinking of my vested interests propels me to continuously heighten my passion to mentor.”

Luis Cruz has been an Entrepreneurship professor for almost 10 years. He sees that being an Angelpreneur is an excellent opportunity to further contribute to the development of SMEs around the country. “I sincerely believe that the development of an army of SMEs is the only way to move this country forward and I intend to help in this in whatever way I can. Teaching is definitely in my blood and this alone drives me to provide as much assistance as I can to those who are in need of it,” Luis added.

“It basically stems from my ‘pay-it-forward’ philosophy,” shares Jorge Wieneke. “I just want my life story to be an inspiration to my fellow entrepreneurs, na kaya pala ng isang ordinaryong taong magnegosyo.” Jorge is a speaker in the topics of marketing and product innovation. The success of other people is what fuels him to continue teaching and mentoring those in need.

Randell Tiongson, a Personal Financial Management Expert, joined Go Negosyo with the dedication to bring our entrepreneurship advocacy to the whole country. “The Philippines’ biggest problem is poverty. Financial literacy and proper money management, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, is the key to a lasting solution to the country’s problem,” he shares.

If you feel the calling to help those who need mentorship, become an angel to others. Remember the angels who held our hand as we reached for our level of success today.