Korina and Mar

Last Tuesday, I was in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) for the judging of the Citi Microentrepreneur of the Year (MOTY) Award 2009. From there, I had to rush and pick up my wife to attend the most awaited wedding of the year – the Mar and Korina nuptial.

We were late, as I wanted to finish the judging process in BSP and there was the horrendous traffic caused by cars parked in the road as you approached the church. We arrived an hour late. Some friends, who were already in the church as early as 2pm, told me that the place was packed. My wife and I decided to walk through the crowd, with our formal clothes. We walked down the red carpet. The funny part was when we noticed that we were walking the wrong way, headed for Mar and his mother Tita Judy Roxas with the whole entourage. That was quite embarrassing, but I was lucky enough to be able to congratulate Mar. I thought we would be the only ones late, but Pedro and Gina Roxas came in a minute later. They also had trouble getting in. We did manage to enter the church and there were still seats at the back. A lot of familiar faces were at the back, many of them negosyantes (who are obviously late like us). The church was full. It was a simple but beautiful wedding.

As we all know, Senator Mar’s quest to become our president changed after Tita Cory died. The “Yellow Fever” took everyone by surprise, even the “Presidentiables”. Mar had to do what was right. He knew it was not yet his time. He gave way to Noynoy and slid down as the VP. He did not wait for more pressure. I saw the Mar I knew before. He used his instinct to do the right thing. What seemed to be the end of Mar’s dream became the beginning.

Mar has attended a number of our Go Negosyo events. Korina has also hosted a number of our events with Anthony Pangilinan. Mar has the experience, working as trade secretary during Erap’s and PGMA’s time. Then, he ran for Senate and came out on the top of the list. When I asked for his dream for the Philippines, this was his response:

“My dream is for every Filipino to have a reasonable measure of control over his or her life. My dream is for our people to have the power to overcome hunger, fight injustice and to be able to will their future—by themselves and through themselves. There is a higher level of humanity in store for us, where everyone can live a life of real meaning, where doing something truly elevates oneself for the common good. This is a dream we all have to fight for, as we rise to reject the default destiny foisted upon us by a discredited system that has left the nation in shambles. Sama-sama, lumaban tayo.”

What completes a man is a woman. Being gender-sensitive, I am sure it is also true the other way around. While we have our own personal ambitions in life, we need a good co-pilot, someone who would guide us in our journey. This is why God blesses us with partners and a marriage that is supposed to last a lifetime. A large part of our success comes from how our partners in life bring out the best in us. For Mar and Korina, the best is yet to come.

Congratulations Mar and Korina! May your marriage bring greater joy to others.