Challenges we face as a nation

For the past columns, we have been featuring the dreams of some of this country’s successful entrepreneurs. They have shared their dreams for themselves and for their country as well. All of them are passionate and positive in moving this country forward, through their own advocacies and through their respective negosyos.

With the threat of a global meltdown and with all the problems arising in the Philippines, whether it has something to do with the fast approaching elections or the A(H1N1) that has reached our country, this is the time to stay positive. We need to keep our faith and hope, or better yet reinforce them. It is when we stay positive that opportunities appear and good things happen.

While there is nothing wrong with demonstrating opposition to things we do not agree with, we must not take it to the extreme. Both sides must respect the democratic environment that we are in.

Even I fully disagree with what seems to be a unilateral move to create a con-ass to change the constitution before next year’s election. As people voice out louder their sentiments, it should always be issue-oriented and NOT clouded nor affected by negative generalizations that our country is hopeless or that everything is wrong.

When we talk about a positive attitude, we are not encouraging blind faith. Positive attitude always centers on the remaining bright spots, the silver lining that we must continue to build on. Right attitude must be accompanied by right actions to move a nation forward. Only then can prosperity be achieved.

As Filipinos, we have been through a lot. Our history shows that we have been through many adversities and sufferings, but as we also see now, we have always survived. It’s a matter of surviving – the hard way as a divided nation or the easier way as a united and enterprising nation.

These dreams that we have featured, from entrepreneurs and advocates such as Nanay Coring Ramos, Sen. Manny Villar, Rico Hizon, Cecilio Pedro, among others, are messages that we wish to share. These are the positive thoughts that Go Negosyo would like to promote. We wish to encourage the Filipinos to dream and work hard for the fulfillment of that dream.

It is helpful to note that as we do this weekly column for our advocacy, we receive all kinds of feedback – from positive ones that are full of support, to negative messages that are full of resentment. The challenge is so huge, but we also have to persevere and keep our faith that all Filipinos will someday have the right enterprising attitude and that they will do their share in helping the country move forward.

In the meantime, here are some more dreams from entrepreneurs who continue to stay positive in order for our country to move forward:

“Ever since my law school days, my dream has always been to make a marked difference in people’s lives. Whether it is a simple act of random kindness or influencing policies that will affect millions of Filipinos, I always try to take the extra measure in making conscious decisions that can result for a better future of my fellow man. My dream for the country is an educated citizenry. I believe that our road to sustainable national development begins with the educated Filipino who can make rational decisions because the present choices we make ultimately redound to future generations. Whether it is the exercise of suffrage or in making personal decisions such as what college course to take, education is paramount in making reasonable, logical, and practical judgments. Hence, an educated citizenry will diminish or even eradicate most, if not all, our political and socio-economic ills which will pave the way for a stronger and more robust nation.”

-Atty. Michael Toledo, President and CEO of Weber Shandwick Worldwide

“I’ve always wanted to have a simple, quiet and problem-free life, where each one of my colleagues and family members are able to work together in peace; everyone does their part to improve and maintain the harmony between the collective. This may also be applied to the Filipino people. We Filipinos, Filipino-Chinese or any other racial mixes in the Philippines should be able to work together in PEACE. There is no need to quarrel over petty insignificant things like materialism. We should remain our focus on the real and crippling problems of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and sickness. The government and we common people should work together because we are all longing for the same end, which is everything that is GOOD. We cannot do this all on our own. We should seek the help of the God for he is omniscient and omnipotent.”

-Willen Ma, CEO of Masuki Mami Restaurant Corporation

“My dream for my country is the same dream I have for myself. Just as my country is sometimes described as a country full of unrealized potentials, I believe that I am also similarly described. I dream of becoming truly free.”

-Donna Jiao, President of XC Manufacturing and Trading Enterprise

Let me also share with you some of the feedback from some of our readers who also have their own dreams and thoughts for the country and for themselves:

“Mr. Joey Concepcion, you have a very good article regarding your dream for our country. Like you, plagued as I may with endless disillusion regarding the problems that face our country, I still gave very high hopes that the Philippines will one day be a great nation. And to do this, everyone needs to pitch in and do their own share.”

-Earl Estrera

“I fully agree that one of the major undertakings that we Filipinos can do to make good as a Nation is through our Tourism, We have the most beautiful places, people and rich cultural heritage to begin with, however, what we sorely lack is the discipline, patience, perseverance and infrastructures to build up the base of tourist that are coming over for them to have a nice word about our country and encouraged their countrymen to go and visit the warm, beautiful and friendly Philippines. I still dream that government would soon go back to the basic of providing the things that will make the country go such as building the infrastructures for Transportation, Communications, Roadways, Water and Power facilities.”

-Willie Suarez

“In the midst of recession, political issues, and self-interest; I continue to dream big for the Philippines. Ang turo po ng asawa ko sa mga anak naming, ‘mag-aral kayong mabuti upang pagkatapos ninyo, makapag-pundar na kayo ng negosyo’. We both thank you for doing this selfless crusade, kasi kung wala pong mag – uumpisa, wala po kaming titingnan at susundan. We continue to dream, we forsee the vision, we know we can do it!”

-Lissa Cruz