BIG dreams for the Philippines

For those who read last week’s column entitled “My dream for the Philippines”, there are actually a couple of sentences lacking in my dream. But due to the advice of some very caring people, I decided to remove it. But, then again, dreams are meant to be said no matter how crazy or how impossible it may be to some people.

When I was a very young boy, my dream was to have my own home, to have a boat, and to be Batman. All of it did come true. I guess the Batman part came true through my being a crusader, by means of our advocacy in Go Negosyo.

Today, my dream is for Go Negosyo. I dream that one day, our advocacy towards uplifting the Filipino people from centuries of poverty and uplifting the quality of their lives will prove to be so effective and lasting that will be adopted as a model for the developing world and even recognized by an international body such as the Nobel Prize. It is such a wild dream. But, who knows… If Go Negosyo fulfills its mission, all things are possible. Don’t be scared to dream no matter how far it may seem to be.

To the young kids who are reading this column: if you would like to be the country’s president one day, write it down. If you will not be able to achieve it as it is, keep on trying or focus on achieving it by doing other things. Imagine me being Batman, the cape crusader. It would look funny at my age – wearing a bat outfit going to the office. But, I guess the crusader part is something that I achieve by helping people move out from poverty. Through Go Negosyo, I am able to bring out the Batman part in me. I did, in a way, achieve my dream of being Batman (but not through the bat outfit and a bat mobile).

Let me share with you the dreams of others.

I dream to live a useful and happy life in a Philippines that is at peace with itself and its neighbors, where society is more just and humane and where there is equal opportunity for all.

–Sec. Cerge Remonde

After having served as governor for five years and realizing that power in government can be noble and great if only it is used well, I dream that more decent, competent and selfless Filipinos choose to run for public office; and that Filipino voters learn to choose to vote them.

-Gov. Grace Padaca

I want to see a Philippines that celebrates, nurtures, and patronizes the multifaceted talent and skill of the Filipino. My hope is that I will continue to play a role in creating such a Philippines.

-Sec. Ace Durano

As a father, I would like to see at least one of my children get involved in our business in the future. But being an entrepreneur myself, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they all decided to get into their own fields or businesses. It would be a dream to see them succeed in any field they choose. The Philippines, from a tourism standpoint, has so much to offer. I would like to see our infrastructure improve, to be able to address the needs of our domestic and International tourists. From an investment standpoint, I would really like to see our laws change to allow foreigners to freely buy and own land here.

-Jean Henri Lhuillier (President/CEO, Lhuillier Group of Companies)

My dream for myself is a greater vision, clarity and awareness of my bigger self. For our country: governance with principles, integrity, vision and keen awareness of the vital importance of our natural resources; that our people en masse develop a reverence for our natural resources.

-Gina Lopez (Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation)

I dream of ordinary things we see abroad that can bring extraordinary relief to our people – massive infra projects that will link the countryside to central business districts. I dream of low food prices, with shortened travel time from distant farms to city markets. I dream of zero squatting – when houses and lots that can be priced so cheaply like Indian Nano cars the moment efficient rail link can decongest Metro Manila and bring workers home to as far North and South as possible. I dream of many more tourists visiting the Philippines and admiring the beauty of our land not because it’s man-made but because it’s God-given. Finally I dream of politicians recognizing that the dreams of this generation can still be saved by learning lessons from past mistakes, listening more and serving with humility.

-Johnlu Koa (CEO, French Baker)

My dream for my country is that it shall one day be a nation of citizens who will love their country. I dream of a nation where we will believe in ourselves and in our capability to pursue integrity, excellence and discipline. I dream of a nation where all will be given an opportunity to be educated and where children will not have to roam the streets to beg. We have been blessed with natural resources and I dream of a time when this shall be nurtured and properly used for the benefit of all. I dream of a time when our Filipinos will have jobs that will utilize their talents in our country and those who leave will do so to pursue professional growth. I dream of a time when there will be peace between Filipinos regardless of religion. I dream of a time when we are able to practice our faith to bring about social justice. I dream of a time when we will not have to be worried about the safety of our family and where laws will be upheld to protect all. Each of us can do our share if we focus on giving all that we can to each day and believing that change is still possible.

-Carla Limcaoco (Executive Managing Director, Philippine Transmarine Carriers)