Philippine Blue Ocean

Recently, we engaged the services of Josiah Go who used to work for RFM Corporation during the early days but decided to go on his own as an entrepreneur. Aside from his water purifier business, Josiah has focused on sales and marketing education as his business and has done quite well now, doing seminars especially on the “Blue Ocean strategy” for corporations to review the business models they are in and see how they can improve on it to create more value.

For the last few weeks, this column has proposed 2010.2016 as the period for change. As entrepreneurs and a group helping out in developing an entrepreneurial culture, it is in our interest to have a more lasting improvement on our overall structure to create a more stable and conducive entrepreneurship climate that can encourage greater value among entrepreneurs.

We have proposed a 2010.2016 as the title directly reflects the timetable of making a move towards a long-term improvement in our structure. As we discuss the proposal with various sectors and leaders, there is a good consensus to start with a review process of the system. We do not advocate a specific political structure for the future, as what is needed at this time is to agree on a series of milestone dates on when we want to see change happen. I have been meeting a number of senators over the past weeks to suggest that 2010 is the time when we start the process of change. Of course the public information and awareness campaign should start before that. Congress should decide if we shall have a Constitutional Convention or a Constitutional Assembly. If it’s a concon, we elect delegates in 2010. But if it will be a constitutional assembly, the public must know that next members of congress they will vote will form itself into an assembly to review the charter.

Like in the blue ocean session where companies review their business model to have a more relevant and responsive structure for their customers’ needs and wants, the country also needs to review the economic and political structural changes needed to strengthen its competitive position. All these investigations must lead into something that will reshape this nation and if not it would just been a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Again, we are not saying we should go federal or parliament or stay where we are as a presidential unicameral. What we are advocating for is a timeline of change and this review should start in 2010 and any implementation or enactment can take place by 2016.

I am glad that as I talked to a number of senators, many see the need for change, each having their own vision of a political structure. Sen. Nene Pimentel is for a federal form of government, Sen. Cheese Escudero is for a parliamentary form, Sen. Kiko is open to it as well, Sen. Mar is more for the current system while Sen. Migs Zubiri is also for a parliament. In the end, we need 2010 to be a different kind of election, people talking about which economic and political reforms should take place and not more on the personalities who are running.

Go Negosyo does not take any preference of what is the right form of government we should be in. In fact, the basic principle for pushing reforms on the political side is to have greater empowerment for the regions and towns. This will allow them to take control of their future by creating an enterprising culture that encourages greater competition. Then we can easily duplicate the success of Cebu, Camsur, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Gen San, Quezon City and all the other progressive cities. The idea is as you have great entrepreneurial regions, national progress will happen faster.

It’s time we start to change and the blue ocean thinking is what we need. Again, we are setting a timeline of change on 2010 for either con con or con ass. It is not for us to decide but for congress to act by 2010. The changes in the charter should take effect by 2016, particularly on the political provisions and form of government, if any, while changes on economic provisions can take effect upon ratification of a new charter. PGMA will hopefully join and support 2010.2016 as a time for change. Let the experts present and debate what’s best for this country and in 2010, we will see a different type of election, less of the dancing and singing but contenders debating for our country’s future. Many people are for change and I hope our senators and congressmen take the challenge. 2010.2016 is a time for change, not really for us but for our children’s future.

Those who support this proposal, please continue to sms at 09175591245 or email to [email protected]and we will send this to all senators and congressmen. Below are the sms that we have not yet published:
Pres. Adviser, I read your column. I SUPPORT your 2010-2016 PROPOSAL.

I am for your 2010.2016 proposal. Thanks. – Boying

I strongly support your 2016 parliamentary form of govt. I hope GMA will focus on this splendid proposal. More power to you JOEY

Saw your article at Star calling for support for the 2010.2016 proposal. I am open to supporting the proposal in whatever way I can. This is Jun Umali of Parañaque. God bless your efforts in making a change for the better!

I want to support 2010.2016. Please include my email to your mailing list if any. Thanks! – Homer Villa

O.K. ako to your proposal. Problem is educate first our electorate to vote intelligently to have right parliamentarians or representatives. – G. Tanada

Re: Your go.2010.2016 proposal. I concur. Ernie Camat, Biñan, Laguna

I’m willing to support 2010.2016. Fermin V. Jarales. HRDD Manager MORESCO-1, Misamis Oriental

I am willing to support your 2010-2016 proposal. I am a senior citizen. -Leandro Tolentino

I do support your proposal, the 2010-2016! Because it really promotes the right, just and fair governance. DANIEL M. MAQUIRANG , 3rd yr BSA of Aklan Catholic College

YES I agree to your 2010.2016 proposal. Good luck, Manny de Veyra

I fully support 2010-2016. Let’s move it. Roger, Cainta

Yes I support the 2010.2016 proposal! We’re tired of political grandstanding. If we have lawmakers who are real statesmen, they better do something good now.

I just finished reading your column in the Philippine Star today, I’m supporting your 2010-2016 proposal. I’m Raul T. Magallano, 44 years old from Cagayan de Oro City.

We support shift to parliamentary system as proposed. Sps Don M. Davila and Carolina Guerrero Davila, Lucena City.

Count me in. I will support you 2010.2016 proposal. I am an owner of a small business. Jessie I. Corgos, La Calota City, Negros, Occ.

I am supporting your view, maybe it’s high time for us to make a shift to parliamentary system. More power to Mr. JC. – Mr. Liwag of Batangas

I support your 2010-2016 proposal – Gaudioso Rulvivar, Kingsville Court, Antipolo City

Mr. Joey Concepcion, I am in favor and support your PROPOSAL for a Concon in 2010 and a Parliament in 2016 in your ASK GO NEGOSYO column at the Business Section, The Philippine Star, March 6, 2008. From Silverio Cadayo, Guinobatan Albay

Mr. Concepcion, I support your 2010.2016. Bert, Bulacan.

Please count me in your proposal. Lauro S. Pguay, Brgy. Treasurer, Wawa 1, Rosario, Cavite

I support your proposal, may I propose to convert it to movement organization, willing to lead it here in San Fernando, Pampanga. Panahon na para mahiahon ang bayan. Thanks. Nong Cabral.

Minsan lang tayong maging Pilipino kaya isipin natin ang pinakamaganda para sa bansa, para sa kapakinabangan ng bawat isa. GO NEGOSYO & Parliamentary form of gov’t. Count me in. Loreto Isok, Boac Marinduque.

2010.2016 – It’s about time, sali ako ‘dyan! – Jane Flores, Cardona, Rizal

I support the 2010.2016 proposal, parliamentary. The earlier the better! – Dobol of Zambales

Long overdue and count me in. Rolly Cuevas of Bacoor, Cavite

Lets go with your 2010.2016 proposal. Let’s go to the streets again if necessary as what we did in EDSA 86 – Felix Rulona

I am reading your Go Negosyo, Philstar reach Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, I will try to support 2010.2016 proposals in church where I am a PPC member – Atil G. Hisula