Congratulations Graduates

I attended the graduation of my daughter Margarita who graduated from Assumption High School, the same school that PGMA and Loren Legarda came from. My daughter is an average student and did not receive any special mention or honor but as a parent, I am very proud of what she has accomplished. I have seen her try so hard just to make it thru high school, studying an additional 4 hours a day with so many tutors. As parents, the effort and perseverance is what really makes the difference.

The valedictorian was Angela Po, the very bright daughter of entrepreneur Jojo Po who runs El Tigre, Leonard and all the animal agencies and Pinky Po who is a fulltime Gawad Kalinga volunteer. She has definitely been mentored well by her parents.

God blesses people in so many ways. Some are given special gifts which give them an advantage to excel in their respective fields as they move on to college and eventually as professionals or entrepreneurs. Aside from being blessed with these gifts, God also blesses us all with great mentors and these are our parents. What we learn in school is important but what’s equally important is how we are mentored by our parents. In many cases, the success of a child greatly depends on how they are mentored and if they are taught the right value system such as love for God and family. We should also teach them the value of money and hardwork, honesty and integrity, passion and perseverance, which are also the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

To the parents who have brought their children this far, congratulations to all of us. Mentorship is a great role we play in the lives of our children. I strongly suggest you watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and you will understand what I am trying to say. This is why thru my Go Negosyo advocacy, we try to share the success stories of people not really to boast about their wealth but to encourage others to have the same optimistic, “can do” attitude which I also teach my children.

Not all of us may have the same level of intelligence but what will separate those who have or have not achieved more in life is the right attitude. The only award I received when I was in high school was a loyalty award for studying in La Salle. That is some achievement… But today, I would say I have received a greater reward thru the appreciation of the works that Go Negosyo has done to encourage people to develop a positive and entrepreneurial mindset.

Parents, be happy that your children have graduated and congratulations to all of you for mentoring them well. To the graduates of 2008, life is a journey and don’t be part of society that loves to complain about this government, corruption, about this and that but be an agent of change who will think positive and work towards moving this country forward. In your small ways, you can encourage people to never lose hope and to dream big. May you continue to inspire others as you work with corporations or as an entrepreneur. And as you have your own family and children, remember that your success in life is how well you were mentored by your parents. Keep that in mind and may God bless you with a successful life.

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So far, the 2010.2016 proposal is firing up and here are the numerous emails/sms that were sent to us. Based on the strong response that we received, it is time to have a real change.

Dear Mr. Concepcion,
I am a retired United Nations Staff member. Although I am just a fence sitter nowadays, I can’t help feeling bad about the situation going on in our country.
The plan you’re pushing sounds good to me. I am down! Let me know how I can contribute.
Don Leus

Hi dude Joe! Shift to parliamentary system initiated by a young apolitical figure like you will be more accepting to the ever suspicious Pinoy. Words to the members of the younger gen: support this project. You had enough. Spare the next generation. Heavens bless your project. Thanks.
Conrad Alibcag

Enlist me among supporters of pro parliamentary system of government. If you need volunteers to work on the campaign in N.SAMAR count me in. More Power!

Hello Joey,
I missed the launching of your book ‘Go Negosyo’ at the Mall of Asia when I was in the Philippines last February. But I read from Philippine Star your column calling for support on the 2010.2016 vision.
Please count me in as an OFW supporter for this vision. I strongly believe that this vision must be broadly communicated to all fellow OFW’s globally. With the substantial monetary and technical resource that the current generations of OFW’s are pumping into our country, it calls for an efficient and responsive system of governance in order for us to leverage these phenomena for our future sustainable society.
Thank you for sharing this vision.
George France, Jr.

I do not support the parliament on 2016. It is too long to wait. We need it now. The most that I can wait is 2010. By that time, we should have the parliament already and federal in form, just like Malaysia. In short, I support the parliament-federated form but by year 2010. I have long been wanted this form many many years ago because I knew then that presidential bicameral breeds corruption and make delays for public services to be rendered. We are a very new republic, unlike America who has been for centuries and very much matured and civil.
Ides Rosales

Mr. Joey C., you are really correct in saying that ours is a defective system. I for one am supporting your call to change our system. The earlier the better for our country. Count me in. Thanks and God Bless our country.
Engr. P. Fiel Jr.

We are a group of young professionals based in Makati, we would like to support you in this campaign. Do let us know of future plans. I think no need for signature campaigning. A strategic plan should be drafted on how we can push this – I’m sure other young professionals can be counted on. We will make ourselves available for any meeting or gatherings as required.

There are others who also sent their support and we would like to thank everyone for their feedback

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Be the first Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur!

Go Negosyo is now accepting entries for Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur Awards, a nationwide awards program for the innovative and progressive Filipino entrepreneurs that use mobile technology in their business. Social entrepreneurs are also encouraged to join. As much as Php300,000.00 could be won!

For more information, log on to or or call (632) 637-9229 and (63919) 685-7079. You may also fax at (632) 637-7873 or email at [email protected]

Deadline for submission of entry is on April 14, 2008.