2010.2016 (Part 2)

The topic on a real change in our political system elicited the greatest response including from no less than former president FVR. We shall present some of the responses below. It also generated same interest during a speaking engagement I attended last Saturday. I was invited to speak before the Rotary 3780 District Conference where close to 500 members attended at the Subic Convention Center. My topic for that morning was poverty alleviation and I also shared with them my 2010.2016 proposal.

While I feel searching for the truth is very important, we should do this with the proper body which are the courts. Our legislators should focus on new ideas that could become laws which will lead to the minimization of corruption in the country. It cannot be done overnight but we should start right away if we want to see real changes in the long run.

During my talk, I mentioned that the way to fight poverty is thru NEGOSYO, either the person himself getting the right mindset and determination to succeed in business and in life, or thru job generation by entrepreneurs who will hire between one to thousands of people. The multiplier effect in creating more entrepreneurs is huge and if we can make everyone an enterprising Filipino, then poverty alleviation can definitely be attained.

Also, as we point a finger to this administration for corruption, we should also internalize what the CBCP mentioned in their statement that every Filipino should have a transformation from within. Most of us are guilty of the same wrongdoing and frankly, the temptation in this country to expedite things can be seen all over and has become part of the system. In the long term, we need to find a real solution and it starts from a change in the system. We need a system that is much simpler and would bring about greater unity which I see in the parliamentary form of government. As I have mentioned in the previous column, it is cheaper for people to get elected in a parliamentary form and give chance to a truly deserving Filipino with not much wealth to become prime minister.

The 2010.2016 movement is for a con con in 2010 which will review both economic and political issues. Whatever comes out from that political change will only be implemented in 2016. We are the only country in Asia with this bicameral set up, isn’t that already saying something? So if most countries are already in a parliamentary form or modified form, they must be doing the right thing.

The proposal had an overwhelming positive response that the mobile phone almost got jammed with sms messages. The emails keep on coming up to now especially from very supportive Filipinos who live outside the country.

Let me also share with you part of the hundreds of respondents who commented on last week’s article:

Please tell Joeycon it’s a good idea. Unfortunately, our elected leaders did not listen to me in July 2005 when PGMA was in a similar – maybe worse (because of the ensuing impeachment resolution) crisis. Sana kayong mga kabataan ay makinig sa inyong mga lolo. Mabuhay!!!
Fidel V. Ramos
Joey’s next crusade
March 7, 2008

After the success of his Go-Negosyo movement, RFM’s Jose Concepcion III has started a signature campaign among Filipinos who are plain sick and tired of religious and political charlatans and the uncivil society calling for yet another people power. Concepcion’s proposal: Elect delegates to a constitutional convention in 2010, along with a six-year-term president with a specific mandate to preside over the switch to a parliamentary government by 2016.

In addition to providing a venue for ousting the country’s leader even on a weekly basis, depending on the moods, or tantrums, of the legislators, the single assembly would hopefully break the legislative gridlock between the Senate and House that now hobbles the passage of vital economic measures.

Those who would like to sign up or are plain curious may e-mail Concepcion at: [email protected]

We would not be surprised if a Web site is also forthcoming.

Vic Agustin

I support a constituent assembly to revise the constitution and change our current system of government into a parliament style.
Dan Pornel, P.E. 

Hi Joey,
I agree with you. Having lived in Canada under a parliamentary government, I can certainly attest to the system’s efficiency. This is in fact the reason why Canada has continuously expanded its economy while its big brother, the USA, has lagged behind. I like your articles. Hope to meet you one of these days!

Sounds like a good plan. If only we could change the players in politics.
Richard Ong

Dear Joey,
I fully support your proposal for a parliamentary form of government to be established in our country by 2016. Keep me in and posted for any form of support that you need to make this possible for our country’s future.
Thanks and regards,
Rene V. Cabrera

Mr. Concepcion:
I, too, am sick and tired of this utter breakdown of civility and rationality in our government. Your movement to have a convention in 2010 sounds very promising. Do send me more information. I have an AV production company that could help disseminate information on this matter. Do let me know how I can be of service.
Jose Mari “Ayi” Magpayo

Hi Joey,
I agree with the idea to shift to parliamentary. No choice…it’s too bumpy a ride with the present set up. Perhaps you can start a drive to really push for this. It will do us small businessmen a lot of good.
Toto Lopez

Dear Joey,
I support the 2010.2016 proposal but before that timeline the most important system component that should go live is the full computerization of the electoral process. As of today there is no published program and commitment from our government.
Best regards,

I saw your article at Star calling for support for the 2010.2016 proposal. I am open to supporting the proposal in whatever way I can.
Jun Umali, Parañaque.

Expensive election is one cause of corruption so I support the parliamentary system. We will start from that system and improve justice system to minimize corruption.
Ben Durias of Isulan, SK

Your 2010.2016 proposal is brilliant, many of our institutional orientations/practices need major restructurings, and in hind sight, your views on how to go about it are very instructive, I go with your proposal.
Alexi Magday

Mr. Joey C., you are really correct in saying that ours is a defective system. I for one is supporting your call to change our system. The earlier the better for our country. Count me in. Thanks and God Bless our country.
Engr. P. Fiel Jr., Ormoc City

Good morning Joey. I am a 61 year old senior citizen. I’m in if I am still alive by that time. But yes, yours is a very good proposal. Count me in.
Fr. Santiago T. Cubos , Bulacan

I am Citong Carpio of Meycauayan, Bulacan. I am 67 years old. I will support your plan together with my CLAN.

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