We Believe

Ateneo used WE BELIEVE as their slogan when they played against La Salle for the UAAP Championships. I am a La Sallite but I do have a lot of friends who are from Ateneo who claim to be the superior race. Ateneo won the championship that time against a highly favored La Salle team. The slogan “We Believe” was quite a powerful mantra for the Ateneo community during the championship games.

While in the Bay Area this summer, I was able to witness the Warriors get into the playoffs after 13 years, beating Dallas who is the number one team in the NBA with a superior record in the eliminations. I was able to watch most of the games live at the Oracle Stadium but what amazed me the most was the support of the fans coming in the same yellow T-shirts with “We Believe” written all over it. The Warriors was definitely the underdog in this league with a very small line up. The same mantra “We Believe” was used all over the Stadium and even when the team was down, the fans continued to cheer “We Believe”. They did beat Dallas and they were the first team to ever beat a number one team with that kind of record in the eliminations.

So what is the connection of “We Believe” to negosyo or to our country today? With elections now almost over we must remain focused on the most important thing which is our economy. If we look at the team of PGMA as a basketball team, then we must cheer the country on and believe that economic progress is really happening. WE BELIEVE is not blind faith at work and we must not resolve to the usual bahala na attitude. We BELIEVE can convert this pessimistic society into a nation filled with optimism. Let me say this again, the remaining 3 years of PGMA are crucial, it is the last 2 minutes as we say in basketball. We cannot allow the forces of those who want to hog the limelight cast doubt on the future of this country. We must all believe that what is happening is for real and that if we want to be part of this we all must do something such as investing in our country thru stocks, real estate or a negosyo. The power of “We Believe” will truly make us the darling of Asia for investment.

Let me share with you the answers from the question “Given that the economy is consistently getting better, do you think the country’s economic progress is for real?” Almost all of them believed it was real. Here are excerpts of their responses:

I think our country has made a leap forward in terms of making a big segment of our population less marginalized and economically well-off…I guess our country’s economic progress is for real, the challenge now is for us to maintain whatever momentum we have and ultimately gather steam to push our country forward.

Yes, the country’s economic progress is for real…I suggest that the government will give more attention to livelihood loans for small farmers, pedicab/tricycle drivers, market fish vendors etc. at low interest rate. As private individual, I suggest that more one-stop shop centers be established by the city, provincials, municipals and government agencies to facilitate issuance of licenses, business permits especially at the BIR to minimize graft & corruption.

The progress will be for real as long as economic policies set by the present administration are kept by the succeeding administration to ensure investor confidence is maintained. Competing political parties must learn to work together, terrorists and communists must be neutralized, infrastructure improvements are implemented, education is continuously upgraded and corruption is minimized if not eliminated.

I think the government and the private sector should have the proper coordination in terms of sustaining the economic progress the country is now experiencing. The government should continue to support local investors in the SME categories because I believe they are the ones giving more employment to our urban as well as rural folk workers.

I would say that according to economic indicators like the stock market and exchange rate that the economy is indeed getting better. However, it is still to be felt by the rest of the population. For the country to sustain this, our government officials should think long term and look beyond their tenure.

I am one of those who believe that the economic progress is for real. Because, in spite of not a few “political” mistakes of GMA, she’s able to pursue correct/effective policies on the economic front. This can be attested by the 24 quarters of successive growth, as has been bruited about in the papers. For this alone, business persons will realize that this government is serious in trying to improve the economy of our country.

I hope it is for real, and that the winners stay true to their word, and keep their promises to the people. I am a graduate student in the biological sciences, and am set to leave in August to pursue my PhD abroad. I WANT to believe the progress is real for the sake of the family (my parents, and siblings) I am leaving behind.

I am hoping that this economic progress is for real. The answer to real progress and solving our problem on poverty is to focus on the most basic need for good education. The government should focus on our government schools and hire only truly qualified teachers and make educational facilities of government schools updated and at par with our more prestigious private schools.

Yes, our economic progress is for real. This is highly evident in the good performances of our PHISEX and FOREX. After the elections, all elected officials should unite together and buckle down to work. Set aside partisan politics and start implementing/supporting the economic agenda of the government. They should paddle together in the right direction to push our economy further forward.

Yes, with the stocks up, deficit and interest rates down among others, I believe the country’s economic progress is for real. The government can slowly reduce the EVAT over the next years. Private individuals can produce more actions and less of complains.

I believe the country’s economic progress is for real. Investor confidence is high especially with the peacefully concluded elections. The stock market is at an all-time high. Business is doing well. I suggest that the government continue to weed out graft and corruption because that destroys the country’s image and subsequently investor confidence. On the other hand, private individuals should continue to do their part in being productive citizens either through working or through starting their own businesses.