Vote Go Negosyo

This May 14, Filipinos will again have the chance to choose their leaders in the Senate, Congress and in the local government. It is common to hear people saying that we must vote wisely but I really suggest we take that seriously because the kind of people we elect into office will affect our future.

After so many years since the return of democracy under the Cory government and into the Ramos era, we have seen an upturn in our economy and a much more optimistic Filipino living here or abroad. After the first three years of PGMA, much of it was quite tense with the coup rumors and coming back from the Asian crisis that hit the Ramos administration towards the end of his term and the massive devaluation that continued towards the Erap administration. But despite these setbacks, we are now starting to see a brighter future for the Philippines which is mostly due to the fact that people have started to have faith in this country again with all the positive economic indicators we now see.

I don’t mean you should vote for Go Negosyo as it is not running for any office. What I mean with this statement is that if we really want to see our country move forward, let’s vote for candidates that will be for creating an enterprising Filipino. Someone who is Pro-economy, Pro-optimism, Pro-Negosyo. Let’s vote for candidates who will help Filipinos to have a more optimistic view about our country. Those who will not destroy the only thing they have left which is hope. Let’s vote for government officials who will make it easier for people to start their own business without much red tape. We should vote for local government officials who will support microentrepreneurs and help them grow their business.

Let’s vote for congressmen and senators who will not grandstand and start working on bills that will develop greater support for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and review the laws that mandate banks to allot money to lend towards MSME’s. Maybe they can even refine these laws by getting banks to lend aggressively to MFI’s and rural banks so that these can in turn lend more to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

We know that not all will end up as entrepreneurs, but the fact of the matter as experienced even in other countries, is that an entrepreneurial nation with vibrant micro SME sector creates more jobs and more wealth for the people and the country.

What is important is the creation of an entrepreneurial mindset, not only as an entrepreneur but even as workers in companies, government or even as elected officials who would constantly look for innovative ways to serve what their target market needs.

For those unable to start their own business since they are professionals working in different organizations, the mere fact that we vote for pro-economy leaders who would foster the spirit of enterprise, is already a motivating factor as taxpayers because we know that our money is going towards the right leaders with the right motives and goals. If we will have leaders who will support the pro-economy programs of the government, then hopefully by the end of the term of PGMA we can say “now I see a bright future for our children and our children’s children”.

* * * * *

Here are excerpts of some of the emails we receive from our OFW brothers that will show you that many of them want to have a bright future. Let’s start by choosing good leaders.

Dear Sir Joey,

I’m Atong Ting from Cebu City. I’m a regular cyber viewer of your program In fact, I was really inspired the book that you have written entitled Go Negosyo 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories by Joey Concepcion. Sir, I am an overseas Filipino worker since 2002… I am a safety officer of dodsal oil and gas/refinery located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has a total land area of 85 000 sqm. Unfortunately, if accidents happen while you are working in the midst of 85 000 sqm. land, only a miracle can save you.

Sir Joey, I was planning to put up a pre-school and janitorial service. Because service businesses have a lifetime opportunity based from my perception. I also want to attend any seminars or training of pre-school and janitorial services. I’m more than willing to attend to have just a little knowledge about the business that I want to engage in.

I want to have a competent person or experienced person can run the business for me, even though I’m not around the business can run by itself. I’m planning to continue working abroad and at the same time doing business there in the Philippines. I know it is possible because we can monitor it every time we want to because we have a hi-technology available today in fact, you can see your people working via (VOIP).

And if possible, the business would prosper and need my presence I think that’s the time to stop working abroad because working abroad is tough and risky work because no one knows one day you might be woke up either in jail, hell or heaven.

Thank You Sir Joey, good day and God bless. And continue to reap the fruit of success and I pray for your advocacy in uplifting the poor through sharing your professional advice.

Atong Ting

* * * * *

Hello Mr. Concepcion,

My name is Rose and I am a Filipino based in Toronto, ON Canada. I would like to thank you for initiating a website such as this to help us business-minded Filipinos start our own businesses. I franchised one of the newspapers from Manila and published here in Toronto. At this moment, I am already trying to publish the same paper in Winnipeg, MB.

I am passionate about the tourism industry in the Philippines. At this point, I always promote the Philippines as the best kept secret in Asia. I feed my friends and clients with positive news about the Philippines and try to persuade them to visit and invest in our country. I am wondering if we could replicate countries such as Thailand, or the Caribbean in offering a package vacation? It could be a 2 weeks vacation all inclusive, and it could be anywhere from Luzon down to Mindanao…

If our problem is marketing and promotions to the world, I am wondering if they could hire one of the bests in global marketing who is a Filipino. He is based in Toronto and he has received an award from GMA. I am also preparing a business plan myself and conduct a study to see if I could conquer Canada in promoting our country to the Canadians and how we could do that…It really looks like this is a gigantic task but I really believe it could be done. As you said, if you are passionate and believe in something, it will be done.

Should I pursue this? Or maybe someone in the Philippines will do the talking to the resorts/airlines/hotels and I will be the marketing and promotions person in Canada?

Please send me your advice. It will be greatly appreciated coming from you. I truly value your advice.

Very truly yours,