The Real Revolution

(From Left) Education Undersecretary Lorna Dig-Dino, National Historical Commission of the Philippines and EDSA People Power Commission Chairman Rene Escalante, EDSA People Power Commission Vice Chairman and Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion, and former Senator Heherson Alvarez.

Three years ago, I was asked to be the vice chair of the EDSA People Power Commission. I continue to hold the position since I felt that the generation who experienced the struggle and the triumph was slowly disappearing and that this young generation could no longer relate. This celebration continues to be a national holiday, but it will slowly lose its relevance unless people see the transformation.

Let me share this with you:

For the last 33 years, we’ve been celebrating People Power Revolution. The year 1986 was basically one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever felt in my life. Many of those with us on the stage today come from different generations. Representing my generation, I was then 27 years old back then, a young kid, out of school, just starting work. But the first two years prior to the People Power Revolution basically brought out the courage in many of us to rise up and fight for our democracy and our freedom.

Today, we see a different type of revolution, the transformation from the People Power Revolution that we saw in 1986 is moving forward to a revolution that is creating greater inclusivity for many Filipino people.

Our President Duterte, his pledge to the Filipino people when he was elected was to bring about greater inclusive growth making every Filipino be part of our growing country. What the People Power Revolution thought us was the values that are very important in taking us to where we are today.