My Go Negosyo mentorship experience

First of two parts

With our 15 years in Go Negosyo of bringing mentorship closer to every Filipino, I am proud to say we have served several thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs through our different mentorship programs. We have been able to extend the Go Negosyo advocacy to communities untapped by existing formal entrepreneurship programs. The key to the success of this program is our mentors who continue to dedicate their time to mentor and share knowledge with our micro, small and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As we look back to our colorful journey, let me share with you some mentoring testimonies from our mentors:

Olivia Limpe-Aw, Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc., “In my decades of doing business, I had the luck of meeting people who helped me in my entrepreneurial journey. I asked one person in particular why he would help someone he didn’t even know. He explained that he has also been a beneficiary. He rose to the top because of his superior’s support and mentoring. His superior also experienced the same. So since he could not repay his superior, he paid it forward by helping others. I am happy to have the same opportunity to pay it forward through Go Negosyo.”

Sherill Quintana, Oryspa Spa Solutions Inc., “I, too, started as a microentrepreneur 20 years ago and was able to be a business leader now because of mentorship. I am grateful to be able to pay it forward through the programs of Go Negosyo. I have been providing mentorship on entrepreneurship mind-setting, branding and franchising, and the greatest part of it all is seeing my mentees find their eureka moment and move forward in their own entrepreneurship journeys. Along with all the selfless mentors in Go Negosyo, we do this not to stroke our egos, but to contribute to a collective good and sow the seeds of inspiration to prove that yes, the Filipino brand can.”

Natividad Cheng, Uratex, “Being an entrep-mentor is very fulfilling.  Entrepreneurship is truly a path towards a more inclusive economy.  I feel very proud to be able to do my part in mentoring this special group of people. They are passionate about their businesses, work to the bone, and bravely face uncertainties.  I feel very fulfilled if my advice can be immediately effective.  For instance, I taught someone how to import at the lowest possible cost, taking into consideration the free trade agreements and other logistics strategies.  I also taught someone how to choose among many different distribution strategies including online.  I am very happy when I see their eyes sparkle over what I have shared.”

Winston Uy, Universal Leaf Philippines, “Most mentees know that they’re being helped and guided. But mentors are also benefited with the humbling opportunity of guiding an entrepreneur on the challenges of starting something new.  Whether giving production advice to a lady in Baguio who was able to triple her sales of strawberry jam or advice to a struggling retailer to just close shop and stop the losses, mentoring improves the upside and reduces the downside.”

Bernie Liu, Golden ABC Inc., “The overwhelming participation in the Mentor ME on Wheels program shows us that our entrepreneurs are driven to succeed in their journey. The mentees I’ve met were inherently creative and full of ideas about the products and services they can offer, but I’ve also seen the dismay they feel when they stumble and face obstacles. Thankfully, for those I’ve met, the story of my own 30+ year journey has inspired them to see the bigger picture and always be guided with purpose, patience, and perseverance.”

George Barcelon, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “There was this lady who operates a nursery and kindergarten in a far-flung residential area. It was marginally profitable, so she expanded to other areas. But now she has to face competition from other schools offering low matriculation. I advised her not to compromise the quality of the education and look for possible collaborators to share costs. She could then afford to pay reasonable teacher’s salaries while providing quality education to students. I hope she is successful in working things out.”