One block – one goal! Sustainable building materials

On July 18, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Senator Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Green Antz Builders Inc. Business Development Executive Emmanuel Alivio and Agriblock Builders Founder Mariel Obregon to talk about sustainable building materials.

Emmanuel shed light on the increasing rate of waste materials here in the Philippines, which led to his efforts in repurposing the waste materials into a sustainable ecobrick. Green Antz Builders’ ecobrick is made from shredded plastic sachets and cement, with ach brick containing aroundt 50-100 plastic sachets.

According to Emmanuel, wanting to produce a product that is innovative and environment-friendly was not an easy journey. At first, people were hesitant to buy the product ,because they are used to utilizing traditional hollow blocks. However, with continuous advertising and through education of the benefits of using ecobricks, people eventually welcome ecobricks as alternatives for traditional building blocks.

Meanwhile, Mariel shared how she came up with Agriblock Builders after typhoon Yolanda hit her hometown. Visayas is one of the biggest rice producers in the country, and the rice hulls – which are usually simply thrown away or incinerated – make up almost 45% of the agri-waste in her hometown. By converting the rice hulls into more durable housing materials at a cheaper price, Mariel has been able to offer a more sustainable alternative.

Agriblock Builders produces affordable hollow blocks and reduces agri-waste and cement use. However, it has not been easy for a business management graduate like Mariel as she needed to explore the field of engineering. Aside from this, she also had to register her business, which required a lot of time and effort for the processing of documents. These, however, did not stop her from achieving her goal of helping people, as well as the environment.

Through their respective companies, both entrepreneurs have shown how they can promote sustainable real estate by promoting eco-friendly products that are innovative and affordable.


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