The Business of Fitness & Health

On February 22, Go Negosyo Radio hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Faith Salaver were joined by Yummy Diet CEO & Founder Ranice Suguitan-Faustino and Central Ground Crossfit Gym’s Job Wi to discuss the fitness and health industry. Health and Fitness continues to be on the rise and was cited as one of the top 10 industries to get into as a negosyante this 2017 (Read: Mga Patok na Negosyo para sa 2017).

It’s common knowledge to every health buff that exercise and a proper diet are of equal importance. Both our guests yesterday shared about how they got into the business of fitness and health industry and how its also transformed to being a personal advocacy.

In the photo (L-R): Sen. Bam Aquino, Job Wi of Central Ground Crossfit Gym, Ranice Suguitan-Faustino of Yummy Diet and DJ Faith Salaver.

In the photo (L-R): Sen. Bam Aquino, Job Wi of Central Ground Crossfit Gym, Ranice Suguitan-Faustino of Yummy Diet and DJ Faith Salaver.

Job Wi was a former Culinary Arts student before he became a Crossfit coach. He shared that his lifestyle as a culinary student was very unhealthy and led him to being diagnosed with obesity. Unhappy with his health, he decided to step into his first Crossfit Gym session wherein he only lasted 5 minutes of the warm-up before packing up and going home. But that didn’t matter because Job kept coming back to the gym. And he got stronger and fitter. Today, he has lost over 62 pounds since he first stepped into a Crossfit gym. From being a member struggling to finish the sets, he is now one of the trainers who motivate others who were just like him to push and become better & fitter versions of themselves.

Before joining the Central Ground Crossfit Gym staff in BGC, he was the Head Coach of the first Alabang branch of Crossfit. He shares that Crossfit is a unique gym in the sense that trainers are very involved in each of their client’s progress. They believe routine is the enemy so Crossfit programs are designed to have variety. The movements involved are very functional and are done in high-intensity intervals. Crossfit at its core is about strengthening and conditioning.

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Another unique quality of Crossfit is that in they build a close-knit community within the confines of their gym. Members and coaches know each other by name; they form a familial bond with everyone. “We want members to feel like Crossfit is their second family or their second home” Job shared. What makes Crossfit such a big phenomenon in our country today is truly how they make their gym centered on their clients. They prefer smaller gym sizes with high-retention of members rather than big gym sizes with really low retention. In creating a culture wherein the gym go-er can be motivated by so many factors, Crossfit has ensured clients who see results and are happy to come back and invite others to join the gym.

Ranice Suguitan-Faustino’s Yummy Diet has a similar to story to that of Job Wi. Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries, a syndrome that affects a woman’s metabolism, she was forced to change her diet to improve her quality of life. What started out as a personal venture into a healthier lifestyle became Ranice’s business and advocacy. Today, Yummy Diet creates pre-packed low-calorie meals that don’t skimp on flavor. Her business offers a range of diets for people seeking to improve their eating habits and lose weight. The length of each diet can also be decided on by the client. The diet delivery service industry is a fast-growing one in the metro and Ranice stays ahead of the competition by offering personalized services. Plenty of Filipinos today seek to improve their diet, but lack the knowledge or time on how to. With Yummy Diet, Ranice shares that their meals are well-researched and well-seasoned to make dieting effective and easier. From her personal experience, counting calories can be a daunting task. Keeping people motivated to stick to their diet is even harder.

Photo courtesy of Yummy Diet's official Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Yummy Diet’s official Facebook page.

She shares that part of Yummy Diet’s way of helping their customers is providing motivation and information to help them stick to their diet. They use social media platforms to spread the reach of their service and also get much needed information to their customer. “Sometimes, our clients are stuck with just fast food as an option. We let them know that its okay to eat the burger without the patty, and other tips to help them stick to their low-calorie diet” Ranice shared.

The reason why the business of fitness and health have become so appealing is because self-improvement eventually overflows to all aspects of your life. Sen. Bam shared in the episode you may start off just with losing weight in your mind. So you begin going to the gym and see results. Then you’ll want to eat healthier since working out has made you more aware of your health and body. Then eventually you’ll start putting effort into dressing better as well. And when someone feels good about themselves, it radiates.

Having difficulty starting a workout routine or eating healthy?

Job says the most important thing is to start. “We always tell our clients that the most difficult part of joining Crossfit is getting themselves through the door.” Ranice shares that having people to enter into a healthier lifestyle is also a big help. Having a support group to help you reach your fitness goals can be an invaluable source of motivation.