For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!: Pet Related Business

On February 7, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo host DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and Sen. Bam Aquino were joined by Go Negosyo Mentor Jenny Wieneke, Giannina Gonzales of Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Bark-ery Inc. and Christian John Dela Cruz of BarkPark Ph for a lively discussion on emerging businesses fit for the pet lovers out there.

It’s common knowledge that owning a pet goes beyond the joy and company they bring in one’s life. This entails a whole new wave of responsibilities, coupled with the need to spend extra cash for their overall well-being. For some people, a pet is considered a family, and as one would treat family, pet owners would want only the best for their pets.

In today’s episode, our guests shared how their passion for their pets transformed into ventures that have benefitted other people’s pet as well.

BarkPark Mobile Dog Salon is the brainchild of Christian John Dela Cruz and John Christian Tria’s college thesis as BS Entrepreneurship undergraduates. It is Metro Manila’s first roaming dog salon that provides pets with full grooming services at the comfort of their own homes. Their grooming services range from a minimum of P500 to P850, depending on the size of the dog. This is inclusive of the home service charge and basic grooming services.

Whole Pet Kitchen was born out of Giannina Gonzales’ desire to provide nourishing and delicious treats that pets can enjoy. The business started as a home-base bakery that eventually grew into a little dog café and retail store. They use only the freshest ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, fresh meats, vegetables and supplements to ensure that your pets will get the most out of every bite.

Christian shared how they market their unusual business, given their very specific target market. “Since nag boom yung social media platform, nag invest kami through Facebook promotions,” said Christian.

Facebook’s advertising algorithm that targets specific audience through their liked pages, ensures that the money Christian spends on ads is fully utilized to his target audience.

Currently, Giannina also uses the same marketing strategy to reach her audience. But back in the days when technology was not so prevalent as it is today, she shared that they had to resort to personally reach out to the veterinarians they knew in town.

“Pupunta kami sa mga dog professionals or dog schools, and let them try it,” Giannina shared.

But although digital marketing works well for them, Giannina still prefers marketing through the word of mouth.

According to Go Negosyo Mentor Jenny Weineke, the reason why there is a sudden rise of pet-related business in the city is the increasing demand of services from pet owners who desire convenience amid their fast pace lifestyles.

Just like in any other business, her advice to pet-related businesses is to really get to know and understand your business.

“Dapat alam nila ang gusto ng kanilang consumer. Dapat laging relevant ang mga produkto niyo at services niyo,” Jenny said.

She further emphasized the importance of passion when doing this kind of business. “Hindi mo mafafake yan. Dapat talaga yung passion mo yan yung business mo,” she stressed.

But while indeed passion plays an important role in doing business, it is also important to accept the fact that you can also be tired even while doing something you love.

For Christian, who would sometimes join his team in providing services around the metro, it can really be draining at times too.

But he shared that it’s the sight of dogs coming from different breeds waiting to experience their services that brings him joy. “May excitement factor po talaga every day,” he said.

Giannina shared that she also has those bad days. It’s not every day that she would wake up excited to do work, some days, like any other entrepreneur, she would wake up tired.

But at the end of the day, it’s seeing dogs and their owners who are happy with their creations that make her realize it’s all worth it, Giannina shared.

“When I go to the café, and I see someone with their dog happy, it just makes my day.”

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