SME Go! feat. Uratex

Ang frugality o pagiging matipid ay isang katangiang makakatulong sa matagumpay na pagnenegosyo. It will not only create wealth by saving, it can also unleash our creative potentials as we strive to innovate without spending a large amount. This week on our SME Go! Episode, we bring you the story on how commitment to quality gave rise to our country’s foam giant.

Uratex CEO Natividad Yap-Cheng.

Uratex CEO Natividad Yap-Cheng.

In the Philippines, Uratex has become virtually synonymous with foam because of its utter dominance of the market that services not just the furniture sector but also the packaging, footwear and automotive industries.

Its success, however, did not happen overnight.

Uratex CEO Natividad Yap-Cheng shares that the first major challenge that she and her late husband faced was to source enough capital. They did not have access to large funds, as they did not come from moneyed families. She clearly recalls those early days when she and her husband lived in a studio apartment in Bambang, Sta. Cruz and slept on the floor.

“Technology changes, character remains. Buildings can burn down, money can be stolen; but your character will help you rebuild and regenerate” says Cheng.

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