SME Go! feat. Universal Harvester, Inc.

This week, Go Negosyo features the story on how a fertilizer manufacturer finds mission in life among farmers.


“Set a goal and be persistent to succeed. Keep on trying, trying and trying and you will succeed.” says Dr. Milagros Ong-How, Founder of Universal Harvester, Inc.

The fertilizer sector drew her attention because she believed that there would always be demand for fertilizers considering that the Philippine economy still largely depends on agriculture. Dr. Milagros Ong-How and her husband put up Universal Harvester Inc. in 2003 and as she knew more about the business, she realized that helping the farmers was her mission in life.

Being the only woman in her field did not faze her, saying that the business did not really discriminate between men and women. What was important was for entrepreneurs—whether male or female—to spot opportunities and grab them. Now, Dr. How’s flagship firm, Universal Harvester Inc. got over its early jitters and is considered as one of the leading names in fertilizer manufacturing and distribution.

“There is nothing instant when it comes to business. You have to make it grow and the road can be difficult. I guess I was just very daring. I relied a lot on my gut feel,” said Dr. How, admitting that running a business also means summoning the courage to get back up again when the business hits a rough patch.

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