Mentor Me

Like many other things in life, everything begins in small steps, new beginnings and start-ups. Even the most successful businesses started with one unique idea before they become what they are today. But along the way, he would surely go through a rough journey in entrepreneurship.

There will be challenging days when an entrepreneur will think of giving up, unsure of his next move or clueless and hopeless on the future of the business.

This is where the passion and commitment on the business will be needed to keep the fire burning and not give up. Beyond passion and drive, one has to be smart enough also to seek the advice of experts, to have the right tools and processes to carry the business forward.

In order to take the business to the next level, an entrepreneur must look for a mentor who can assist, guide, and advise them with the best next step.

In our early stages, we are mentored and guided by many influencial people in our lives. Luckily, I am mentored by my father, Jose Concepcion Jr., who is a passionate entrepreneur and business leader.

In this mentoring stage, we receive not only the essential business knowledge an entrepreneur must possess but also the proper mindset, characteristics, and important values of an entrepreneur.

Businesses are relationships. And an entrepreneur must know that having a mentor-mentee relationship with a trusted entrepreneur can help him through the taxing parts of the business.

Take for example Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind the top social media site – Facebook. In an interview, he has proudly shared how his mentor has inspired and pushed him to “build high quality and good things.” He mentioned that because of his mentor, he believed in his product more because he has influenced him to believe that “what you can build can change the world.” And his mentor was Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers.

I believe that mentoring augments the right path to an entrepreneurial journey. Mentors will show you the ropes. But it is up to an entrepreneur on how he can pull himself up the ladder. Mentors will give you the confidence you need without any hesitation because it is also their mission to see their mentees’ success.

These mentors have been in the industry for long and they can provide the best ways in making crucial and important decisions. They are confident to guide you as they too have “been there, done that”. They will patiently support you in your business endeavours for they too knew how it was to start small.

Therefore, having a good mentor is invaluable.

Like what we have been doing for the past decade, Go Negosyo provides an enabling environment, where Filipinos can be inspired to have a Dream, to Believe and to Achieve. We empower Filipinos to aspire, to excel and work hard to be the best that they can be.

For those aspiring or existing micro and small entrepreneurs, we share inspiring role models, entrepreneurship education and mentorship, for them to thrive, unafraid – bold and confident even – to venture in a smarter way into business, and be prepared to succeed. They would become empowered and passionate entrepreneurs, with the relevant know-how, and the right mindset to positively contribute to communities and the nation at large.

We have witnessed the entrepreneurship revolution that catapults communities and businesses into greater heights and opened new frontiers of growth and opportunities, and a Filipino Nation that has a renewed sense of appreciation to the art and practice of entrepreneurship like never before.

But GoNegosyo is never alone in this entrepreneurship revolution.

Together with the PCE- Go Negosyo are equally laudable institutions, organizations and individuals who are individually and silently taking their part in ensuring we are able to inspire, educate and mentor the Filipino entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

In our ten years, we have known and gathered a number of inspiring and dedicated entrepreneur-mentors who have been influential for many. Through their stories shared in our books, or their personal tips given during programs, they have made a positive change towards being entrepreneurial Filipinos.

It is in this reason that we are recognizing these mentors who have been an enabler, a guide, and a supporter of entrepreneurs.

We will be giving a Go Negosyo Mentor Me recognition to institutions and individuals from across sectors of the society – from the government, the academe, media, non-profits and civil society and business – who have initiated programs which empower Filipinos to be entrepreneurial. These organizations continue to inspire us in what we do as partners of the advocacy.

More than a recognition of what they have done, it is a message of hope to every Filipino that our institutions will continue to journey together in helping build an entrepreneurial nation.

The collective efforts of Go Negosyo, the mentors, and different institutions will help move this country forward in becoming an entrepreneurial nation! Together, we shall continue the entrepreneurial revolution!