The Gift of Mentoring

PHOTO CAPTION: Marivic Quiero, one of our Kwentong Go Negosyo, shared her story to the many participants of the 6th Filipina Summit. The panelists including Alice Eduardo gave advices and tips on how to start a new business.

Marivic Quiero has an inspiring story to tell. She is one of our Kwentong Go Negosyo, the stories of entrepreneurs who have been empowered or mentored in one of our programs.

Let me share with you her story:

When Typhoon Yolanda, one of the strongest typhoons recorded, hit the Visayas region, many lost their families, homes and even livelihood. Marivic Quiero, one of the survivors, shared their story of survival. From Palo, Leyte, she travelled with her family including her bed-ridden parents to Manila with the hopes of a better life after the typhoon.

Despite grieving for their loss of her brother and sister-in-law, their home and business, they all fled ground zero with the hope of starting anew in the city.  Upon arriving in the city, they only depended on donations and help from different institutions and individuals.

But Marivic knew that the donations and help that they are getting will not be enough to support their stay in the city. Since they have nothing to begin with, it was a great challenge.

March of 2014, months after the typhoon Yolanda, Marivic saw the advertisement of Go Negosyo regarding its 6thFilipina Entrepreneurship Summit. Even without the registration fee at hand, she has firmly decided to attend the summit. She said that this will help her be motivated to start another business, after losing her restaurant in Leyte.

And so it happened. It was an answered prayer for Marivic when she attended the Go Negosyo summit. More than being an audience, she was blessed to meet many entrepreneurs and mentors including Sen. Cynthia Villar, Maria Ressa, and Alice Eduardo among others. Sen. Villar offered her trainings and support while the other panelists gave her business advices. The Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation President and CEO, Alice Eduardo pursued her promised help which allowed Marivic to start anew.

After a year, Marivic shared how Alice Eduardo helped her in setting up her new pharmaceutical business. Alice became her mentor in all areas of this new venture.

After a year, Marivic shared how Alice Eduardo helped her in setting up her new pharmaceutical business. Alice became her mentor in all areas of this new venture.

Marivic was offered with the opportunity to be one of the food suppliers for her workers in the construction sites. Alice Eduardo lent her the capital including kitchen equipment and utensils. Marivic has found a mentor in Alice Eduardo who unselfishly provided them with guidance.

Unfortunately, they have to stop the operation of their food business due to several problems. But Marivic did not give up. Alice advised her to pursue a business that is of her interest and expertise.

Today, Marivic has a pharmaceutical business that supports the family and the medication of her parents. Also, from the profit of the initial capital, they were able to acquire a car that will help them in delivering the medicines to their clients.

We are glad to have inspiring stories of enterprising individuals such as Marivic. We must all learn from her. Challenges will come our way and hinder us from reaching our goals but we must positively look beyond these and continue to reach for the success.