Breed of a Champion

PHOTO CAPTION: My wife and I with Fred Uytengsu and his wife, Kerrie in one of the championship games in NBA.

The Philippines may be separated in different ways but one of the things that unite us is our love for sports like basketball. From streets to arenas and courts, one can sense the love of many Filipinos, kids and adults alike, for this phenomenal sport. We have seen how we, as fanatics, showed our support to our favourite university basketball teams, PBA teams and most especially to our national team every time they give their best to win. Definitely, the Philippines is a basketball nation.

Aside from our local teams, many Filipinos are also fans of the NBA, the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world. And with the conclusion of NBA championship yesterday, I am sure that many fans were glued to their screens as they cheer for the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Luckily, I together with my family, had the chance to watch most of the championship games live. We are proud Golden State Warriors fans and we have been cheering for this team for the past 15 years. Since most of our summer time was spent in the bay area of San Francisco, we always schedule a time to watch their games. And finally, after 40 years of championship drought for the team, it officially won the title this year.

In one of the games we watched, I bumped into Fred Uytengsu and his wife, Kerrie. Fred still owns one of the PBA teams, the Alaska Aces. He was also a competitive swimmer in his younger years and has been part of the Philippine national team for swimming. A true sports enthusiast and triathlete, he set up Sunrise Events, the company responsible for organizing triathlon competitions in the country. It was also the company responsible for bringing Ironman Triathlon to the Philippines.

Watching a team like the Golden State Warriors shows how passion and determination can be the driving force of an individual in order to reach success, whether in sports or negosyo. These qualities coupled with hard work and positive attitude can surely help one in accomplishing his goals.

Like in competitive sports such as basketball, only one team can be the champion. One team can get the trophy and the title.  This is similar in the field of business. Only one can be the market leader of its industry. And one of the key factors of being a market leader is by having the right team. The group of individuals who will execute business strategies, implement plans and help the business progress is important. Team work will bring out the best ideas and innovations for the company in order to reach a common goal.

Apart from this, I also see the value of the fans who have cheered their hearts out for the team. Just like how Ginebra has the biggest support from all their fans. These people have seen the good qualities of the team and have transformed them into fans. In the field of business, an entrepreneur must also consider the qualities of its products in order to entice and maintain its customers. An entrepreneur must give importance to the needs and the demand of its market and in turn supply the necessary products and services. Our customers are our biggest fans and it is a must to give them the best of our outputs.

As we move on from the frenzy of this NBA Championship, let us all see the value of passion, drive and team work. With the help of these qualities, we can be champions and market leaders in our own fields.


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