Go Negosyo Supports Franchising

Through our summits and negosyo seminars, multi-media campaigns and books, Go Negosyo hopes to demystify entrepreneurial success and popularize entrepreneurship as an alternative to unemployment, job-seeking or migration. As we promote more idea-based negosyos and those with new business concepts and innovations that are borne out of market need, the reality is that it is also not that easy to come up everyday with relevant and highly differentiated products, and everyone knows that the risks are greater for new and untried concepts.  But the rewards are greater of course if they work.  As they say, high risk, high profit.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs also are not cut for developing new concepts, but in their desire to immediately take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship, we recommend to them to also try to get a franchised business.  Franchising, as defined in the books, is an arrangement where one party (the franchiser) grants another party (the franchisee) the right to use its trademark or trade-name as well as certain business systems and processes, to produce and market a good or service according to certain specifications. Franchising is also a good way to start and learn how to run a business.

In a franchisee, you don’t have to define your market—it’s already there. You don’t need to have the experience as you and your team will be trained on the planning and operating system, local store marketing and customer relation. Franchisors give out the guidelines you need to follow and allow you to use their business model. This means that the franchisee must be a good follower as there are standards to meet.  They will also arrange for the required facilities to get your business running and provide continuous support even after you opened your own franchise.

A franchisee still gets a certain level of independence. Even though you’re basically following the franchisor’s business model, there are still aspects that you can decide on and manage by yourself such as human resources, operations and customer service management. At the end of the day, you are still the boss of your own franchise.

We may consider franchising as a safer way as the concepts are tried and tested, with a built-in system, training and marketing support, and with the presence of many outlets, would normally have stronger brand recognition. This makes the brand acceptable and with loyal market followers.  There is no guarantee however as running and operating correctly the business, the location and a lot of hard-work must still be poured into the business for it to run well.

Owning a franchise is also tough as it still requires skills, leadership, commitment and most importantly, passion. Thus, you must choose a franchise that is close to your heart, one that you really want to do each day.  It could be the products you love to use or a business model that you love to do.  Being passionate about your business plays a significant role in managing your enterprise and how it is going to perform in the market.

The Philippines is fortunate to have legitimate organizations in the franchising community and they are partners with Go Negosyo. They are the Association of Filipino Franchisors Inc. (AFFI) and the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). These groups would be good sources of franchised businesses as they have good legitimate Franchisor-members and their leaders are true and sincere mentors.

The PFA, which is led by the “Father of Franchising” Samie Lim and backed-up by  long-time mentors and Franchisors Bing Limjoco of Francorp, Yvette Pardo-Orbeta of Wendy’s, Robert Trota of Max group, Franklin Go of Goldilocks, Manny Siggaoat of Manels and many more distinguished leaders of the group,  is the pioneering franchise association in the Philippines with members ranging from micro to large, both home-grown (Chowking, Goldilocks, Figaro, Jollibee, Max’s, Pancake House, Potato Corner, Red Ribbon, Waffle Time, Yellow Cab, Bench and Penshoppe) and international (Ministop, Giordano, Wendy’s T.G.I. Friday’s Subway, Mrs. Fields, Mister Donut, McDonald’s Kenny Rogers, Domino’s Pizza, 7-eleven etc.) involved in food, retail, services and other types of businesses. PFA devotes itself to creating programs that will open opportunities for the expansion of Philippine franchises by assisting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in and outside the country.

On June 10-14, PFA will hold the biggest franchise show in Asia—Franchise Asia Philippines 2015—at the SMX Convention Center.

With the theme “Opportunities and Challenges in an Integrated Global Economy” the Franchise Asia Philippines 2015 will live up to PFA’s standards by presenting different seminars that will promote franchising and guide aspiring franchisees into starting their business ventures. These seminars include Master Franchising 101, a seminar for entrepreneurs who wish to franchise an international brand in the Philippines. Go Negosyo will also be doing one of the seminars on Entrepreneurship 101.

There will be a Discovery Day Session which will discuss provisions on how one can effectively introduce a local brand to the international market. How to Invest in the Right Franchise Seminar, will tackle the basics of franchising to provide a better understanding about the said topic. Meanwhile, the seminar on How to Franchise Your Business is perfect for business owners who want to expand by franchising. Lastly, Specialty or Third Wave Coffee is specifically meant for those interested in the most recent developments in high-quality coffee production.

Franchise Asia Philippines 2015 is the perfect place to be if you are an entrepreneur who wishes to expand or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start your own franchise. Either way, everyone is welcome to attend the week-long show that surely will open several opportunities to its attendees.

Interested in any of the seminars? Email [email protected] or contact (632) 687-0365 to 67 and look for Ms. Jen Infante.

Go Negosyo supports the PFA Franchise Asia Philippines 2015.

Go Negosyo supports the PFA Franchise Asia Philippines 2015.