Bringing Youth Empowerment to the Next Level

PHOTO CAPTION: The delegates of the recently concluded Forum on Public and Private Partnerships on Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. ​(Photo by: Jecel Asoro)

Recently, Go Negosyo has been invited to speak in Forum on Public and Private Partnerships on Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. They had delegates from different countries such as Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, Vietnam and Philippines. This is a program of the Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly and the Asian Development Bank and a part of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Laboratory.

We are happy to have been part of this program. As we shared with them our efforts in promoting and developing youth entrepreneurship in this country, we hoped that they too could share our advocacy to the young and aspiring entrepreneurs in their countries.

Jap Uminga, our programs and development manager represented Go Negosyo. Upon hearing the stories of the delegates, he considers that youth entrepreneurship development is also a challenge in developed nations such as Germany, Spain and Poland. We learned that bureaucracy and business registration processes have not been very encouraging in these countries. We were also quite surprised to find out that they seem to have a culture that expects people to work as employees and not start a business. In developing countries like ours and Vietnam, we believe that we also have to walk the extra mile to encourage entrepreneurship and bring more meaningful programs for our youth.

One example is our Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow, or the BEST Program which we started last year to encourage students to be creative, innovative and enterprising. These characteristics will help them harness their strengths and competencies and will surely help them as they take another path towards their future.  We have presented many inspiring role models and business models which can start the fire in their bellies and motivate them to aspire for higher goals. Aside from that we wish to build on their competencies, capacities and knowhow on how to become successful in all their endeavours.

Second, in developing youth entrepreneurship, it is highly advisable to have a multi-sectoral approach, tapping on many different agencies that can help in the program. For Go Negosyo, we have partners from the government, civic organizations and private institutions and many entrepreneurs from our network who are all in support of our mission.

Lastly, Go Negosyo as an active institution does not compete with other agencies rather, we are here to complement and fill in the gap and contribute to the progress that we wish to see in the future. For the past 10 years of Go Negosyo, we have seen many institutions and companies who are also into promoting entrepreneurship and in recognizing inspiring entrepreneurs. We are happy that the advocacy we have started from a simple mission affected many groups thus resulting to many programs for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. We are seeing signs of having a more entrepreneurial culture because we noticed that people are now proud to be businessmen and entrepreneurs. Few years back, there was a connotation that one is into business because he or she cannot find a job. But today, many are idea-based entrepreneurs who started their businesses because of passion and having fresh and innovative ideas or concepts.

I have shared with you many times that the youth is one of our key stakeholders in transforming this country into an enterprising nation. From the many summits in the past, I have seen many youth in our summits who have that eagerness and courage in their eyes to learn about entrepreneurship. We can sense that they consider entrepreneurship as a career move in their future. When asked, many of them dream of having their own coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses. But still, they know that having a business is risky that is why they are maximizing opportunities like attending Go Negosyo summits in order to gain the knowledge and attitude in the right business ventures and to increase the probability of succeeding in business.

I believe in the next generation. They are the next change-makers, leaders and influencers of this country. As we plan for the future, we must take into serious consideration that the empowered youth of today will be the movers of tomorrow.


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