Be a Blessing to Others

PHOTO CAPTION: Alice Eduardo of Sta. Elena Corporation guided and mentored Marivic Quiero in her new business.

Coming from the recent weeks that we have been busy preparing for the March Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit and dinner-forum, we didn’t realize that we are already welcoming the month of April.  It feels like it was only a few weeks ago when we were looking forward to the year of 2015 and now we are on the 4th month mark.

We start this month right at the height of the Holy week. Today is Maundy Thursday, and we all reflect on what the Holy Week means for all Catholics. Coming from a Catholic family where my mother will always remind us of our spiritual duties, I am deeply aware of the value of this season for us. Every year, we make sure to do the Stations of the Cross and attend recollections as we try our best to internalize the Grace given to us and how our Christ had to suffer and die so that we may live and have eternal life after. This tradition is in way is a regular part of our Holy Week which we wish to teach our children, and to the next generation.

From all the day-to-day pressures in our business and work-life, it is always a challenge to develop our spiritual life but that is a challenge we just have to overcome.  Reflections must actually be done at all possible time, at the least a few minutes a day. A daily dose of teachings, with the Holy Bible and other readings for reflections serve as our daily guide.

Looking back in the month of January, we are blessed to start the year with the visit of Pope Francis who has shared the values of ‘mercy and compassion’ which he wishes to teach all of us. His 4-day apostolic visit reminded us of many Christian values that we must continue to practice until this modern day. One of the traits of the Pope Francis, who Filipinos also call Lolo Kiko, is the compassion to help and serve others. We are reminded that despite the different status the society dictates, we are one in the eyes of the Lord. And that is clearly seen during Lolo Kiko’s visit. All devotees; men, women, young and old, privileged and underprivileged held hands and joined in prayer. I have personally seen the Pope during his visit and I have witnessed how he is with kids, sickly, poor and elderly. This is the same example of Lord Jesus during his earthly stay which we must all learn and practice.

As we continue our family traditions such as going to confession, I am reminded of all the things that I have done in the past. I would often tell my wife that I have already forgotten the sins I committed but she would insist that my confession is a must. And we must all understand the importance of confession. Through our confession, we recognize that we as humans are sinners. We understand that we are not perfect and that we need His guidance for us to make the right decisions. Also, through confession, our bad habits are corrected and our conscience is cleared and purified. We undergo the cleansing and with renewed spiritual health moving forward.

Since the modern Holy Week now entails three R’s: Reflection, Relaxation and Recreation, we must prioritize the most important R: the reflection. So before we head to the beach spots in the country or travel abroad and spend time with our family and friends, let us all have a peaceful time for personal reflection and repentance. We must value the sacrifice God has done for us in order for us to have a meaningful life.

Part of having a meaningful life is being able to share our blessings to others. For us entrepreneurs, part of our success is our ability to extend our hands to those who dreams to be like us. It is the same as being a Good Samaritan to those aspiring entrepreneurs. As an example, Alice Eduardo, one of the staunch advocates of Go Negosyo, shared her blessings to many including an aspiring entrepreneur from Leyte who is Marivic Quiero. Through our summit, Alice met Marivic and extended her help. She has guided her on how to start anew after her business was destroyed by the typhoon Yolanda. She mentored her and taught her about business. Today, Marivic is one happy entrepreneur who is blessed to have Alice as a mentor.

Entrepreneurs must acknowledge the source of our success. We may have not reached our successes today if not for Him who has supported us and guided us throughout our journey. Let us strengthen our faith and live a God-centered life and do our share in being a blessing to others.

And for the 10 years of Go Negosyo, I continue to pray that we will be able to inspire and empower more lives in the decades ahead.