The Philippines can be great

After writing a mushy column last week entitled “As we age”, I received quite a number of feedback, especially from women.

Quiet time for oneself can come in a form of retreat, prayer, meditation, or simple silence on a vacation away from work. This is the time to reflect on our accomplishments and to see the beauty of life, which we sometimes neglect when we are too focused on our negosyo. I guess Noynoy had to do this before accepting the challenge to run as president. He isolated himself in the convent that his mother visited when she was about to take on the role of leading this country.

We now have a new president assuming office for the next six years. We will continue to see the Aquino name in the headlines of every paper almost every day. We had Arroyo for the past nine years. Second to Marcos, she has the longest term. Both Arroyo and Aquino had parents who were presidents. They are second generation leaders who are given the chance to lead.

Do we Filipinos have what it takes to be a great nation? To be respected by our Asian neighbors? To become a force in our region? The cycle of misery has haunted us for many decades. A dream of being a great nation will come true with leaders that will inspire.

From a teacher to a president of the country for nine years, PGMA’s dream to rise has been attained. She has helped the Philippine economy move forward in the last nine years, though the issue of corruption has been her weakness. This is now an opportunity for the Aquino government to have a more transparent government, with leaders that will set the example. Many more Filipinos will have a chance to see their dream of a better life come true, when Aquino continues and improves what Arroyo has started. After all, every leader should aspire to do better.

As many Filipinos fall below the poverty line, it is important that we give them a chance to see their dreams become reality. Of course, dreams will come true not only with better leaders running our country, but with each Filipino having the right attitude to succeed in life.

I asked our Angelpreneurs to share their thoughts about greatness. Sometimes, people view the concept of greatness as something negative. People need to realize that there is nothing wrong with being great and being the best. Here are some thoughts from our Angelpreneurs.

From Dean Pax Lapid:

SUCCESS is being able to make a better life/place for our next generation. As a parent, one is successful if his children are better or equal to the ‘life journey’ that he has taken. As an entrep teacher, one is successful if the young entrep students choose him to be their mentor and eventually prosper a business that fulfills their dream &/or lifestyle.

Being BEST means:
B= Believing in your God given talents
E= Exploring your limits beyond your comfort zone
S= Serving your community or an advocacy towards a better life
T= Thanking God always for whatever precious life he has given you!

So if you are at your BEST and SUCCESSFUL as well then you’re GREAT!!

From Francis Kong:

Success is when your wife loves you and trusts you, your children respect you and admire you, your peers respond positively to your influence and the world knows you have left it a better place today than when you first entered it.

Being great means today we have just become better than yesterday because yesterday we were merely good.

(We can be the best that we can be by) Working harder on ourselves, having a great personal growth and development program and then giving it away in terms of love and service for others.

From Ping Sotto:

Success – the definition of Success varies from one person to another. In my case, my definition is simple: My children should be better than me – not necessarily in economic terms but in moral, emotional, psychological and above all – spiritual terms. I personally believe that this is my role in the evolution of man – to help make the next generation better than the previous one.

Being great means – living life to the fullest – using my God-given gifts to make a difference in people’s lives. We will all forget great names associated with great feats like swimming across the English Channel first but it would be difficult to forget the name of an elementary school teacher who significantly influenced the way we are now.

I believe that to be the best that we can be; we need to be led by The Hand. All we need to do is to “volunteer” … Remember … He does not call the qualified … He qualifies the called.

Congratulations to President Noynoy Aquino for taking on this challenge in helping Filipinos to rise above poverty. Go Negosyo and the Angelpreneurs are always one with the government in making this happen. You can count on our support.

* * * * * * *
Go Negosyo would also like to congratulate Anna Periquet. She will be receiving the “Outstanding Woman in Entrepreneurship” Award from the International Women Entrepreneurial Council (IWEC) and Department of State of USA for her achievements in female enterprise and advocacy. She will be awarded during the IWEC annual convention in South Africa on Sept 23. There will be four awardees representing four continents. She will be cited as the Asian awardee and the first Filipino to receive the award. Congratulations Anna. Your Go Negosyo family is proud of you.