My previous column was about Nelson Mandela uniting his country through a Rugby team. The movie “Invictus”, for those who have not seen it yet, is a must-see, especially for our new political leaders today.

South Africa is now host to the Football World Cup, a very prestigious tournament that has the entire globe watching. It is such a beautiful country in terms of natural resources. Mandela’s challenge was to unite a country that was always controlled by system of racial segregation. The black Africans, who used to be at the bottom, are now the boss of the country.

Last Thursday, I arrived from our annual family vacation to attend PLDT SME Nation’s launch of their “Bossing” campaign at the NBC Tent. Go Negosyo and PLDT SME Nation have been partners for many years now. Their programs and services are always directed towards providing technology solutions to small and medium entrepreneurs, and now they have even upped the ante with their new Bossing campaign that presents inspiring entrepreneur-role models. Filipinos must aspire to succeed, and the partnership of PLDT-Go Negosyo shall serve as the enabler to provide the necessary support, be it in terms of technology, or negosyo knowhow and framework, skills development that will help entrepreneurs or aspiring Filipinos to achieve their entrep dreams. With increased awareness on entrepreneurship in our country, we see more and more big businesses lending a hand in helping bring about a greater negosyo climate.

To my surprise, I was asked to give a message at the “Bossing” launch. I was a bit groggy from a long flight. I cited the efforts of PLDT Chairman Manny Pangilinan (MVP), Poly Nazareno, Eric Alberto, Kat and Gabby and the rest of the PLDT management for being part of a growing movement. They are big brothers (and sisters) to those aspiring to achieve greatness through a negosyo.

The “Bossings” were introduced. I was one of them, but instead of representing RFM Corporation, I represented a small business that I just started called Joey Pepperoni. I also represented Go Negosyo as a social entrepreneur. The other “Bossings” are Vicki and Cristalle Belo of Belo Medical Clinics, Ronald Pineda of Folded & Hung, Benjamin Liuson of Generics Pharmacy, Jay Aldeguer of Island Souvenirs, Raphael and Jenni Soon of North Park, Darius and Carlo Hizon of Pampanga’s Best, Gardy Cruz of Pansit Malabon Express, Mother Lily and Roselle Monteverde of Regal Films, Les Reyes of Reyes Haircutters, and Louie and Dulzzi Gutierrez of Silverworks. Of course, the main bossing is MVP, not for PLDT and other big companies but for his very own Burger King.

The importance of being a bossing is NOT about having recognition. It is about inspiring other Filipinos to realize that they can also become a Bossing. This is what we have been doing in Go Negosyo for the last five years through our entrepreneur idols. Their success stories inspire people to want to become Bossings one day. Entrepreneurs who have joined our cause have volunteered to become mentors. It is our role to help people become successful. The cycle of success must continue. Those who are already up must help others climb the ladder of success.

As I have also mentioned in my previous column, I will be asking our “Angelpreneurs” some questions about greatness, success, and being the best that they could be. The first Angelpreneur I asked was marketing guru Josiah Go. He is the Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders Inc. Josiah will also be coming out with his new
book entitled “The WE Entrepreneur”, together with Chiqui Escareal-Go. Here are his answers, and I trust that any young and aspiring entrepreneur or Filipino will learn something from his words of wisdom.

On defining success…

Success as an entrepreneur means being a WE Entrepreneur. WE stands for Wholeness — of attaining both the five tasks and five treasures of an entrepreneurial journey. The five tasks are exciting vision and mission, compelling value proposition, manageable execution issues, attractive profit and enduring cash flow. The five treasures are belief in God, beloved family, relevant network, good health and meaningful self. (These are from our forthcoming book “The WE Entrepreneur” by Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go.)

On the meaning of being great…

Great entrepreneurs are not comfortable just by being better. They are different. They stick their neck out in order to attain a level not reached by others before them. In fact, being better is the greatest enemy of being different because those who are already better may confuse better with being different. I consider people like Steve Jobs and John Gokongwei as great entrepreneurs and my personal heroes.

On being the best that we can be…

We need insight or the ability to see a new truth. In order to develop our abilities to gain insight, we need constant experimentation, which starts by asking questions that assume that everything we do can be improved and there is always a more efficient, a more effective, a more revolutionary, a different way of getting things done.

On his inspiration to write 10 books about marketing and entrepreneurship…

Mansmith and Fielders Inc. have been involved in various “Marketing Rescue” forum, which are our free marketing consulting public service for the SMEs the last 5 years. Many of the struggles of entrepreneurs are like mine so I wanted to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur in order to point out that while we think of profit and cash flow as treasures, they are actually tasks or pre-requisites. The real treasures are our family, our good health, a meaningful self, a helpful network and a relationship with God.