Yes, we did it!

Finally, our country has taken a big leap forward in the May 10 election process, and we are now part of a modern world. The automated election worked, despite criticisms from various groups and organizations. Some were even planning a hunger strike to push for manual vote count instead. I guess it’s the fear of change or venturing in a system for the first time. But we all felt proud when we saw that the national election brought out the greatness in each Filipino, as we bravely and cautiously embraced the new automated system.  We are very happy to see the benefit, even right after the 7pm closing of the election precincts, when we started to see quickly the results adding up that fast.

It is also PGMA’s chance to prove that the automated election is the way to a clean and honest election, with the least human intervention unlike in manual counting and the physical transfer of election returns and ballot boxes. The quick credible results prevented doubts and anxieties on any perceived vote manipulation, leading to the earlier-than-usual conceding of losing candidates. This big positive change in the election process will be her legacy to the Filipino people.

What a difference! Congratulations to all Filipinos who gave this process a chance. Congratulations, of course, to PGMA and her team for being persistent in wanting to see an automated election done during her term. I was also told that Senator Gordon was the author of the bill. We also thank the legislators who pushed for this. We should also congratulate the Commission on Elections, led by Chairman Jose Melo who have made a difference and brought confidence on the system. What was noticeable was their all-out effort to inform the public continuously, answering all questions and addressing all concerns.  There was clear assurance that there was order in this process and this increased the comfort level on this new system. The media played a very crucial and positive role in keeping everyone informed along the way and their efforts to encourage everyone to be involved. This is one election when there was an air of excitement in the morning of May 10. We should also never forget the heroes at the precincts, the teachers and staff, the soldiers and police, the canvassers, the volunteers and various organizations for seeing through the success of the process.

Sometimes, in life, we do have to take some risks. The pay off can be truly rewarding. The election results have come out and the political season is about to be over. We have winners and we have losers. The important thing is to be one in pushing forward the Philippines Inc.

We would like to extend our congratulations to our President-elect Noynoy Aquino. The majority of the people have spoken and it is now our duty to support our new President, so it will increase his chance to succeed for our country. This is our chance to continue the momentum we have in our economy. With the world seeing a credible election, the gates of investments of this country shall open up. We have a chance to be rerated upwards by Moodys and other rating agencies. This means that more investors will come and invest in our country.

Whatever PGMA has done, she will leave her office with an engine that is running well. Now, the challenge is for Noynoy to take this engine to a higher gear. While the lives of many have improved, there are still a lot of people in poverty. The challenge continues on how to take care and empower the bottom of the pyramid. I am sure that the Noynoy group will do its best.

However, as we have said many times, eliminating corruption is not the only solution to poverty. The robust economy that trickles down to the microentrepreneurs is what will solve poverty. The creation of more negosyos that will create jobs is what will solve poverty. This is what the incoming Aquino government can achieve. Thailand and Indonesia have their own problems. We are past that era, and now should take full advantage.

A fellow entrepreneur sent me an SMS. Raymund Garcia states that “it’s now our time to shine, with Thailand’s problems, it’s about time”. And it is true, it’s now our time to shine.

I would also like to share Go Negosyo entreps’ advices to the future president of this country.

“Whoever wins, I hope he will think of making that big change in how to manage this country. We need to think of it like a big sustainable enterprise. Run it like a company that will achieve the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental.” -Chit Juan, Echostore

“Curb smuggling. Level the playing field so that legitimate businesses will flourish instead of illegitimate ones. To encourage more investments, we should look at how other countries’ laws on labor and export incentives are. Encourage exports.” -Joven Ong, Dragon Fireworks

“Attend to the improvement of Education, Science and Technology, and Health. Remove obstacles to Micro/Small entrepreneurship development. Let MSMEs advise the Pres on a regular and continuing basis about short, medium and long term policies affecting business, directly and indirectly.” -Bong Jiao, XC Manufacturing and Trading Enterprise (Jewelry and Fashion Accessories)

“Follow your instincts. You may not have the ideal personality for a national leader, but trust that you have all the answers deep within you. If you are indeed a good man, that is all that matters. You must also be smart because you’ve got excellent genes. So use the smarts and the goodness to seek advice from the best, then follow your hearts counsel.” -Sari Yap, Mega Publishing

As entrepreneurs, we share the thinking to others that our leaders play a great role in nation-building. But, let us not forget that the rest is up to each one of us Filipinos to chart our own destiny and a future determined by our own positive attitude, hard work and passion
to succeed.

Congratulations to all of us Filipinos.  Yes we did it!